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  1. Ravenports by Marino, Opinions?

    the irony of this is that gentoo/funtoo are the perfect base from which to execute such a tool. Since binary distros have limitations on package contents that are not present in a source distro.
  2. The upgraded container is running well.. the performance is fantastic, thank you!
  3. I have 2 systems reporting, will set a 3rd up this week as cron job. What can we do to get an ebuild for this?
  4. ah Palica that looks absolutely fantastic!
  5. considering this comment on #funtoo IRC channel: <@Azerthoth> haxmeister, I would add a few more common points of problems, video card family and class, driver. Sound system, drivers and controllers (alsa/oss/pulse/etc) Some of this sounds good.. especially vid card info
  6. This is really starting to come together.. the tool should be reporting nicely now if you have the latest commit. Now we really need to think about any new functionality we want out of the reporting tool and the quality of the data it produces. Also any information we would like to add to the report.
  7. does it "show-json" with the original file?
  8. Could you paste your entire /etc/report.conf file? Typically if it doesn't report anything, that's because it didn't find what it expected in the conf file.
  9. I'm still having no luck getting the profile info portion of the report to submit to elastic search. I set the cpu-info report to count the number of "processors" and report that. let me know if these numbers look more accurate.
  10. https://github.com/haxmeister/funtoo-reporter
  11. so cpu-info is a shady business. I'm thinking maybe we should remove "cpu cores" because that doesn't mean what most people think it means. Instead replace this with "siblings" which should always show the number of threads the CPU can handle at once. Do you think this would be a more pragmatic metric?
  12. Ok this is new output from my laptop: { "kernel-info" : { "version" : "#1 SMP Fri Jan 12 08:45:32 CST 2018", "osrelease" : "4.14.12-2", "ostype" : "Linux" }, "version-info" : { "python versions" : [ "3.4.6", "2.7.13-r1" ], "gcc versions" : [ "5.4.0" ], "portage version" : "2.3.18-r1", "ego version" : "2.3.3-r1" }, "cpu-info" : { "cpu cores" : "1", "cpu MHz" : "2194.421", "model name" : "Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz", "flags" : [ "fpu", "vme", "de", "pse", "tsc", "msr", "pae", "mce", "cx8", "apic", "sep", "mtrr", "pge", "mca", "cmov", "pat", "pse36", "clflush", "dts", "acpi", "mmx", "fxsr", "sse", "sse2", "ss", "tm", "pbe", "syscall", "nx", "lm", "constant_tsc", "arch_perfmon", "pebs", "bts", "rep_good", "nopl", "cpuid", "aperfmperf", "pni", "dtes64", "monitor", "ds_cpl", "tm2", "ssse3", "cx16", "xtpr", "pdcm", "xsave", "lahf_lm", "pti", "dtherm" ] }, "profile-info" : { "mix-ins" : [ { "shortname" : "xfce" }, { "shortname" : "no-systemd" } ], "subarch" : [ { "shortname" : "core2_64" } ], "build" : [ { "shortname" : "current" } ], "arch" : [ { "shortname" : "x86-64bit" } ], "flavor" : [ { "shortname" : "desktop" } ] }, "mem-info" : { "MemTotal" : "3944032 kB", "MemAvailable" : "3043968 kB", "SwapFree" : "2097148 kB", "SwapTotal" : "2097148 kB", "MemFree" : "2739700 kB" }, "world-file" : [ "app-editors/bluefish", "app-editors/gvim", "app-misc/screenfetch", "app-office/libreoffice", "app-office/orage", "app-text/wgetpaste", "dev-db/mysql", "dev-lang/php", "dev-perl/DBD-mysql", "dev-perl/JSON", "dev-perl/JSON-Parse", "dev-perl/Perl-Critic", "dev-perl/Perl-Tidy", "dev-perl/Tk", "dev-perl/XML-Dumper", "dev-util/geany", "games-arcade/frozen-bubble", "games-fps/nexuiz", "games-fps/worldofpadman", "games-strategy/warzone2100", "gnome-extra/nm-applet", "mail-client/thunderbird", "media-gfx/freecad", "media-gfx/gimp", "media-gfx/inkscape", "media-gfx/viewnior", "media-sound/pavucontrol", "media-sound/volumeicon", "net-fs/sshfs", "net-irc/irssi", "net-misc/dropbox", "net-misc/networkmanager", "sys-apps/inxi", "sys-apps/lshw", "sys-boot/boot-update", "sys-boot/grub", "sys-firmware/intel-microcode", "sys-kernel/debian-sources", "sys-kernel/linux-firmware", "sys-process/htop", "virtual/perl6", "www-client/dillo", "www-client/google-chrome", "www-client/lynx", "x11-base/xorg-x11", "x11-misc/lightdm", "x11-misc/menumaker", "x11-terms/xterm", "x11-wm/fluxbox", "xfce-base/xfce4-meta", "xfce-extra/thunar-archive-plugin", "xfce-extra/thunar-dropbox", "xfce-extra/thunar-media-tags-plugin", "xfce-extra/thunar-shares-plugin", "xfce-extra/thunar-vcs-plugin", "xfce-extra/thunar-volman", "xfce-extra/tumbler", "xfce-extra/xfce-theme-manager", "xfce-extra/xfce4-battery-plugin", "xfce-extra/xfce4-gvfs-mount", "xfce-extra/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin", "xfce-extra/xfce4-screenshooter", "xfce-extra/xfce4-volumed-pulse" ], "kit-info" : { "perl-kit" : "5.24-prime", "xfce-kit" : "4.12-prime", "core-hw-kit" : "master", "python-kit" : "3.6-prime", "text-kit" : "master", "dev-kit" : "1.1-prime", "ruby-kit" : "1.1-prime", "lang-kit" : "1.1-prime", "nokit" : "master", "media-kit" : "1.1-prime", "security-kit" : "1.0-prime", "editors-kit" : "master", "xorg-kit" : "1.19-prime", "haskell-kit" : "1.1-prime", "java-kit" : "1.1-prime", "gnome-kit" : "3.20-prime", "games-kit" : "master", "kde-kit" : "5.10-prime", "php-kit" : "master", "desktop-kit" : "1.1-prime", "net-kit" : "master", "lisp-scheme-kit" : "1.1-prime", "ml-lang-kit" : "1.1-prime", "science-kit" : "master", "core-kit" : "1.0-prime" }, "boot-dir-info" : { "available kernels" : [] } } Also launching from command line without arguments produces this: haxmeister@cel900 ~$ ./reporter-1.3.pl Funtoo anonymous data reporting tool usage: report send "Send the report to funtoo's data collection" report show-json "Show the output that will be sent, in JSON format" report help "Show this help list" Output can be ommitted by modifying the /etc/report.conf file
  13. I will work on this more this weekend.. just got over the flu. I'll correct the profile/python thing or remove the listings for all the other kits other than the core kits. Writing the function to get the right version information for those is a bit of an enigma to me right now. Not sure where to get the right information from. I've also begun dabbling with a tool that will hopefully list all global USE flags that are enabled by your profiles, which is also a difficult trail to follow.
  14. The config file it uses looks like this : ## Configuration for selecting and deselecting which data ## is reported by the funtoo anonymous reporting tool ## ## All options are defaulted to report, you can change an item ## by altering the "y" and "n" to indicate either yes (y) report it ## or no (n) do not report it. ## # To report cpu info which includes clock speed, model name, # and cpu cores cpu-info:y # To report memory info which includes the amount of free memory, # the amount of memory available, total amount of swap space, # and the amount of free swap space mem-info:y # To report kernel info including O.S. type, release and version kernel-info:y # Allows the reporter to search your /boot directory and list # any kernels it finds # (limited to kernel names that start with "kernel" or "vmlinuz") boot-dir-info:y # To report versions of key softwares on your system including # portage, ego, python, gcc, and glibc version-info:y # To report the contents of /var/lib/portage/world world-info:y # To report profiles information # the same as epro show-json profile-info:y # To report kit versions as reported by ego # extracted from ego kit show kit-info:y