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  1. Presenting V3.1.0 release of Funtoo-Report which includes usability improvements and performance statistics for the tool itself This release contains no breaking changes. Improvements in this release include: added bash-completion for the tool added zsh-completion for the tool reporting how long each section took to generate added Changes file to track changed code and added features added config check logic, that will check configuration file for errors allowing to autofix Field Limit up to 10k We appreciate everyone's support and the tremendous amount of thought that continues to go into this piece of software. Everyone who understands the value of these types of statistics is encouraged to give the tool a try. A lot of work has been done to attempt to make the software run as smoothly as possible with minimal resources. You can read or contribute to the code at https://github.com/haxmeister/funtoo-reporter . The tool is designed to not report anything that would allow a person to be unwittingly identified. That includes such thoughts as "not showing where user file systems are mounted" and other ideas that will keep full anonymity. Should you have ideas for improvement or warnings about anything that violates those design goals, please feel free to report it to us on github. Installation: emerge -av Funtoo-Report Operation: The reporting tool is intended to run with root privileges for access to key system files. Use the method most appropriate on your system Just launching the program will show you a help menu: 'funtoo-report' Funtoo anonymous data reporting tool usage: funtoo-report -c, --config Specify path to config file -u, --update-config Interactively updates the config file -l, --list-config Lists the current configuration file's settings -j, --show-json Shows the JSON report -s, --send Sends the JSON report -d, --debug Enables additional debug output -v, --verbose Enables non-error output when sending -h, --help Display this help text -V, --version Prints the version and exits Output can be omitted by modifying the config file (default `/etc/funtoo-report.conf`): The --help option shows you the same output: 'funtoo-report --help' The --version option shows you the script and module version numbers; ideally they should match: 'funtoo-report --version' To see what data the report is generating use the show-json option: 'funtoo-report --show-json' You may get an error that no config file is found: Warning! Could not open the configuration file at /etc/funtoo-report.conf To generate a new configuration file use 'funtoo-report --update-config' You can follow these warning instructions and the program will ask you which sections you want to enable in your config file 'funtoo-report --update-config' You can send your report to the Elasticsearch database using the send option which can return a link to the data if successful in conjunction with --verbose: 'funtoo-report --send [--verbose]' your report can be seen at: https://es.host.funtoo.org:9200/funtoo-2018.10/report/C5DOC2IB4MpucymM_TFy You can get HTTP debugging output for the send command with the --debug or -d option: 'funtoo-report --debug --send' Manual Configuration: The reporting tool is completely anonymous and the individual categories that are in the report can be turned off or on by editing the config file. The config file is located at /etc/funtoo-report.conf by default, and will be autogenerated by the script if one is not present. All lines of the config file that are empty or start with # are ignored. The rest are read but may be ignored if they do not match any expected setting. You can manually change the settings from 'y' to 'n' to disable a particular category. Using the show-json option, you can confirm that this portion of the report is not being output, since the show-json option actually shows exactly what is reported to Elasticsearch. Here is an example of all possible values in the config file # To report kernel info including O.S. type, release and version kernel-info:y # Allows the reporter to search your /boot directory and list # any kernels it finds # (limited to kernel names that start with "kernel" or "vmlinuz") boot-dir-info:y # To report versions of key softwares on your system including # portage, ego, python, gcc, and glibc version-info:y # To report the contents of /var/lib/portage/world world-info:y # To report profiles information # the same as epro show-json profile-info:y # To report kit versions as reported by ego # extracted from ego kit show kit-info:y # To report all installed packages installed-pkgs:y # To report hardware info as is typical from lspci hardware-info:y Shell completions Options completion for GNU bash is available in share/bash-completion/funtoo-report.bash: bash$ source share/bash-completion/funtoo-report.bash Options completion for zsh is available in share/zsh-completion/_funtoo-report. Uninstall We are sorry to see you go! You can uninstall the tool by running: emerge -C Funtoo-Report
  2. Several questions about kernel

    you said you edited the .conf file using --menuconfig.. but did you actually compile a kernel to that new .conf you made?... also you can't necessarily take a .conf from debian-sources and use it on an entirely different kernel. Each kernel version has it's own unique .conf file that is used to tell the compiler what to build into it when it compiles. Also the term "firmware" does not necessarily mean "linux-firmware" package. Is it possible this line from your .conf is preventing firmware from being built? ``` CONFIG_PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD=y ```
  3. https://www.govtrack.us/developers maybe? https://www.congress.gov/about/data
  4. Just an update for those that have taken interest in the development of this project. Many new features and improvements are happening in the background to continue to improve this tool. The code in GIT currently pulls hardware information from tools like lspci etc. It also has an interactive function for generating the configuration file so that you don't have to edit the text file by hand. New issues that we are working on, by user demand are reducing libarary dependencies. As these features are tested on our test machines, we will roll out new releases that will hit the funtoo repositories. For any PERL coders who have an interest in participating in a project in a low pressure way, feel free to drop me or Palica a line. We have been having a fun time working on this and the attitude is extremely positive and forgiving. I have learned quite a bit about how software is administrated in groups and distributed to users.. a lot about GIT which I had never used before. Feel free to come forward and talk about how the code works and what has been done or even offer some help!
  5. https://www.programmableweb.com/category/law/apis?category=20269 https://free.law/tag/api.html These are straight out of Google.. could be a good place to start. Are you interested in the process of moving that data or the storage/usage/display of this data? I've been quite interested in making use of the many APIs out there myself.
  6. Ravenports by Marino, Opinions?

    the irony of this is that gentoo/funtoo are the perfect base from which to execute such a tool. Since binary distros have limitations on package contents that are not present in a source distro.
  7. The upgraded container is running well.. the performance is fantastic, thank you!
  8. I have 2 systems reporting, will set a 3rd up this week as cron job. What can we do to get an ebuild for this?
  9. ah Palica that looks absolutely fantastic!
  10. considering this comment on #funtoo IRC channel: <@Azerthoth> haxmeister, I would add a few more common points of problems, video card family and class, driver. Sound system, drivers and controllers (alsa/oss/pulse/etc) Some of this sounds good.. especially vid card info
  11. This is really starting to come together.. the tool should be reporting nicely now if you have the latest commit. Now we really need to think about any new functionality we want out of the reporting tool and the quality of the data it produces. Also any information we would like to add to the report.
  12. does it "show-json" with the original file?
  13. Could you paste your entire /etc/report.conf file? Typically if it doesn't report anything, that's because it didn't find what it expected in the conf file.
  14. I'm still having no luck getting the profile info portion of the report to submit to elastic search. I set the cpu-info report to count the number of "processors" and report that. let me know if these numbers look more accurate.