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Anonymous usage reports for funtoo kits usage


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Like you, I was able to send after changing report.conf:

# To report profiles information
# the same as epro show-json
# 2018-02-02 dlc : Disabled profile-info per palica in
# https://forums.funtoo.org/topic/1382-anonymous-usage-reports-for-funtoo-kits-usage/
# to hopefully get send to work:
# profile-info:y

Interestingly, ./report show-json now outputs nothing using either version of report.conf.

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3 hours ago, dlc said:

Interestingly, ./report show-json now outputs nothing using either version of report.conf.

Could you paste your entire /etc/report.conf file? Typically if it doesn't report anything, that's because it didn't find what it expected in the conf file.

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Sure, here's the original, which should be identical to the README.txt version save for the added UUID:

## Configuration for selecting and deselecting which data
## is reported by the funtoo anonymous reporting tool
## All options are defaulted to report, you can change an item
## by altering the "y" and "n" to indicate either yes (y) report it
## or no (n) do not report it.

# To report cpu info which includes clock speed, model name,
# and cpu cores

# To report memory info which includes the amount of free memory,
# the amount of memory available, total amount of swap space,
# and the amount of free swap space

# To report kernel info including O.S. type, release and version

# Allows the reporter to search your /boot directory and list
# any kernels it finds
# (limited to kernel names that start with "kernel" or "vmlinuz")

# To report versions of key softwares on your system including
# portage, ego, python, gcc, and glibc

# To report the contents of /var/lib/portage/world

# To report profiles information
# the same as epro show-json

# To report kit versions as reported by ego
# extracted from ego kit show

# A unique identifier for this reporting machine 


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This is really starting to come together.. the tool should be reporting nicely now if you have the latest commit. Now we really need to think about any new functionality we want out of the reporting tool and the quality of the data it produces. Also any information we would like to add to the report.

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considering this comment on #funtoo IRC channel:

<@Azerthoth> haxmeister, I would add a few more common points of problems, video card family and class, 
                   driver. Sound system, drivers and controllers (alsa/oss/pulse/etc)

Some of this sounds good.. especially vid card info

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[Request] ** [http://elk.liguros.net:9200]-[400] [mapper_parsing_exception] failed to parse [timestamp], called from sub Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Client::Direct::__ANON__ at ./report line 45. With vars: {'request' => {'body' => {'profile-info' => {'flavor' => ['desktop'],'mix-ins' => ['no-systemd','xfce','mediadevice-audio-pro','X','audio','print'],'arch' => ['x86-64bit'],'subarch' => ['core2_64'],'build' => ['current']},'timestamp' => 'Wed Feb  7 01:10:32 2018','version-info' => {'python versions' => ['2.7.13-r1','3.4.6-r1'],'ego version' => '2.3.3-r1','gcc versions' => ['5.4.0'],'portage version' => '2.3.18-r2'},'kit-info' => {'games-kit' => 'master','xorg-kit' => '1.19-primt','text-kit' => 'master','core-hw-kit' => 'master','media-kit' => '1.1-prime','haskell-kit' => '1.1-prime','ruby-kit' => '1.1-prime','ml-lang-kit' => '1.1-prime','xfce-kit' => '4.12-prime','dev-kit' => '1.1-prime','security-kit' => '1.0-prime','core-kit' => '1.0-prime','php-kit' => 'master','net-kit' => 'master','editors-kit' => 'master','perl-kit' => '5.24-prime','lisp-scheme-kit' => '1.1-prime','nokit' => 'master','lang-kit' => '1.1-prime','java-kit' => '1.1-prime','kde-kit' => '5.10-prime','gnome-kit' => '3.20-prime','desktop-kit' => '1.1-prime','science-kit' => 'master','python-kit' => '3.4-prime'},'kernel-info' => {'ostype' => 'Linux','version' => '#1 SMP Tue Jan 23 04:26:34 -00 2018','osrelease' => '4.14.12-2'},'cpu-info' => {'cpu MHz' => '2000','flags' => ['fpu','vme','de','pse','tsc','msr','pae','mce','cx8','apic','sep','mtrr','pge','mca','cmov','pat','pse36','clflush','dts','acpi','mmx','fxsr','sse','sse2','ss','ht','tm','pbe','syscall','nx','lm','constant_tsc','arch_perfmon','pebs','bts','rep_good','nopl','cpuid','aperfmperf','pni','dtes64','monitor','ds_cpl','vmx','smx','est','tm2','ssse3','cx16','xtpr','pdcm','sse4_1','xsave','lahf_lm','pti','tpr_shadow','vnmi','flexpriority','dtherm'],'model name' => 'Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q9550  @ 2.83GHz','processors' => 4},'version' => '1.1','mem-info' => {'MemAvailable' => 1459132,'SwapTotal' => 1048568,'MemTotal' => 8170200,'MemFree' => 1213172,'SwapFree' => 561820},'world-info' => ['app-editors/vim','app-misc/screenfetch','app-office/libreoffice','app-portage/eix','app-text/evince','media-gfx/fbgrab','media-gfx/gimp','media-libs/bio2jack','media-libs/fluidsynth-dssi','media-libs/gexiv2','media-plugins/alsa-plugins','media-sound/alsa-tools','media-sound/alsa-utils','media-sound/alsamixergui','media-sound/alsaplayer','media-sound/ardour','media-sound/audacity','media-sound/fluid-soundfont','media-sound/fluidsynth','media-sound/hydrogen','media-sound/musescore','media-sound/qjackctl','media-sound/sox','media-video/qt-recordmydesktop','media-video/recordmydesktop','media-video/simplescreenrecorder','media-video/vlc','net-irc/hexchat','sys-kernel/debian-sources','sys-kernel/linux-firmware','www-client/chromium','www-client/netsurf','x11-apps/xinit','x11-base/xorg-x11','x11-misc/shutterbug','xfce-base/xfce4-meta','xfce-extra/xfce4-alsa-plugin','xfce-extra/xfce4-cpufreq-plugin','xfce-extra/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin','xfce-extra/xfce4-diskperf-plugin','xfce-extra/xfce4-netload-plugin'],'boot-dir-info' => {'available kernels' => ['vmlinuz-4.8.0-53-generic','kernel-debian-sources-x86_64-4.14.12-2','vmlinuz-4.9.6_iso']}},'path' => '/funtoo/user/7d8bccd8-4baf-495e-a05a-d512b5e61018','mime_type' => 'application/json','method' => 'POST','serialize' => 'std','qs' => {},'ignore' => []},'status_code' => 400,'body' => {'status' => 400,'error' => {'type' => 'mapper_parsing_exception','root_cause' => [{'type' => 'mapper_parsing_exception','reason' => 'failed to parse [timestamp]'}],'reason' => 'failed to parse [timestamp]','caused_by' => {'type' => 'illegal_argument_exception','reason' => 'Invalid format: "Wed Feb  7 01:10:32 2018"'}}}}

This is all I can get out of send using

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.9K Feb  5 20:57 report

However, show-json produces results every time now.


Edit:  retrieved zip again getting

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.9K Feb  6 18:01 report

and all seems nominal now!

Edited by dlc
New version did not misbehave
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With the latest tree update there is a package for reporting usage of funtoo profiles, kits and other stuff. It is called -


Please test it out and start reporting your machine to the elasticsearch backend. The kibana frontend can be found on this address http://elk.liguros.net/, I have made a simple Dashboard (http://elk.liguros.net/app/kibana#/dashboard/41e03450-0b28-11e8-a9dd-1718169924ab?_g=(refreshInterval%3A('%24%24hashKey'%3A'object%3A343'%2Cdisplay%3A'15 minutes'%2Cpause%3A!f%2Csection%3A2%2Cvalue%3A900000)%2Ctime%3A(from%3Anow-7d%2Cmode%3Aquick%2Cto%3Anow)). I and haxmeister would be happy to hear your thoughts and critique.

The source code for the tool can be found here:


Here a simple howto use this tool:


emerge -av Funtoo-Report

Just launching the program will show you a help menu:


Funtoo anonymous data reporting tool usage:

funtoo-report send              Send the report to funtoo's data collection
funtoo-report show-json         Show the output that will be sent, in JSON format
funtoo-report help              Show this help list

Output can be ommitted by modifying the /etc/report.conf file

help shows you the same output:

funtoo-report help

To see what data the report is generating use the show-json option:

funtoo-report show-json

You may get an error that no config file is found at /etc/report.conf and it will then try to create one with all available options turned on:

Could not open file the configuration file at /etc/report.conf
Attempting to create one...

A config file has been generated at /etc/report.conf
Please review this file for errors.

You can send your report to the elastic search database using the send option which will output nothing on the console if it is successful:

funtoo-report send

It is ok to create a cron job for this to automatically submit new data to ES (Elasticsearch). It should handle the load :)

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Just an update for those that have taken interest in the development of this project. Many new features and improvements are happening in the background to continue to improve this tool. The code in GIT currently pulls hardware information from tools like lspci etc. It also has an interactive function for generating the configuration file so that you don't have to edit the text file by hand. New issues that we are working on, by user demand are reducing libarary dependencies. As these features are tested on our test machines, we will roll out new releases that will hit the funtoo repositories. 

For any PERL coders who have an interest in participating in a project in a low pressure way, feel free to drop me or Palica a line. We have been having a fun time working on this and the attitude is extremely positive and forgiving. I have learned quite a bit about how software is administrated in groups and distributed to users.. a lot about GIT which I had never used before. Feel free to come forward and talk about how the code works and what has been done or even offer some help!

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