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  1. I'll modify the document to indicate that section is deprecated, then. Thanks for the info.
  2. There doesn't seem to be a topic for questions like the following, so now there is. In the Funtoo Linux Installation on ARM wiki page under the heading Extracting a portage snapshot the link to the portage snapshot, http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/funtoo/funtoo-current/snapshots/ , is stale. To what should this be changed?
  3. Machine code/assemblers are fundamental, and sometimes the only way, That they have become niche troubles me.
  4. And the Linux Counter project was announced on Oct 8, 1993, so their stats on SLS and Slackware back then are meaningful. But even then, the estimated number of Linux machines and users based on the number of actual registrations was many multiples higher. That's the problem with all deployment assessment strategies using unforced registration.
  5. It provides the developers with anonymous feedback on Funtoo package and release usage that informs task priority settings for available manpower regarding the distro's maintenance and enhancement. The deployment of funtoo-report is designed to be painless for the user and not needing much attention. The more installations that run funtoo-report, the better the picture the developers get of funtoo deployments; i.e., what's important to funtoo users.
  6. Hmmm... As Gentoo/Funtoo are non-binary distributions, there's a third option that is worthy: Install Linux From Scratch before tackling Gentoo/Funtoo. LFS is primarily an education project and will get you up to speed on building a Linux system from its source code. Then you're be ready to consider Gentoo/Funtoo and the USE facility for configuring the various options of the component packages.
  7. [Request] ** [http://elk.liguros.net:9200]-[400] [mapper_parsing_exception] failed to parse [timestamp], called from sub Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Client::Direct::__ANON__ at ./report line 45. With vars: {'request' => {'body' => {'profile-info' => {'flavor' => ['desktop'],'mix-ins' => ['no-systemd','xfce','mediadevice-audio-pro','X','audio','print'],'arch' => ['x86-64bit'],'subarch' => ['core2_64'],'build' => ['current']},'timestamp' => 'Wed Feb 7 01:10:32 2018','version-info' => {'python versions' => ['2.7.13-r1','3.4.6-r1'],'ego version' => '2.3.3-r1',
  8. Sure, here's the original, which should be identical to the README.txt version save for the added UUID: ## Configuration for selecting and deselecting which data ## is reported by the funtoo anonymous reporting tool ## ## All options are defaulted to report, you can change an item ## by altering the "y" and "n" to indicate either yes (y) report it ## or no (n) do not report it. ## # To report cpu info which includes clock speed, model name, # and cpu cores cpu-info:y # To report memory info which includes the amount of free memory, # the amount of memory available, total amount of swap s
  9. Like you, I was able to send after changing report.conf: # To report profiles information # the same as epro show-json # 2018-02-02 dlc : Disabled profile-info per palica in # https://forums.funtoo.org/topic/1382-anonymous-usage-reports-for-funtoo-kits-usage/ # to hopefully get send to work: # profile-info:y profile-info:n Interestingly, ./report show-json now outputs nothing using either version of report.conf.
  10. I tried funtoo-reporter as an educational endeavor because I approve of the concept and I am curious about its internals. I got show-json to kick out something reasonable but send complains thusly: [Request] ** [http://elk.liguros.net:9200]-[400] [mapper_parsing_exception] object mapping for [profile-info.flavor] tried to parse field [null] as object, but found a concrete value, called from sub Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Client::Direct::__ANON__ at ./report line 40. With vars: {'body' => {'error' => {'type' => 'mapper_parsing_exception','root_cause' => [{'type' => 'mapper
  11. Last time I tried Gentoo was before 2004, but I didn't have the horsepower to justify using it regularly. That is no longer the case but I've been using CRUX since shortly after Debian Sid switched from sysvinit. Very recently I learned about the origins of Funtoo and that the BDFL ruled systemd to be outside the distro. So here's how far I've gotten since deciding to revisit USE-land. I very much appreciate everyone's effort in providing this distro!
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