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Funtoo-Deepin ....?

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Good morning or good evening to you all, as a great lover for gnu-linux world my curiosity leads me to poke around all distributions and recently I was very impressed by the work done by the Chinese team deepin linux. I really like their desktop environment and saw that Manjaro has already pulled out Manjaro deepin. I was wondering if even with funtoo one day be possible to install the desktop environment deepin. Thank you for the answers and good luck to all


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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

If there is interest we can add this as a kit to Funtoo. The first step would be to have it working in an overlay and have people who will be testing it and maintaining it. I can easily convert a working overlay to be a kit in funtoo, @zogg @morphmex

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I don't mind anyone checking my overlay or using it, but I'm not sure I want to maintain and take responsibility for that one, as I'm not sure I would keep using deepin or funtoo (already moved work laptop back to gentoo)

P.S. I also update to latest LTS nvidia kernel modules (440.82) as I'm using 5.6 kernel from gentoo ?


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