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  1. Again, I am not coming with attitude of someone owning anything to me. I do not ask anyone to prove me anything as well. I think you are taking it as white&black situation here, but community is more of co-existing dynamic thing and communication and interaction is one of the keys of it to evolve. I did check code.funtoo.org and I did see a lot of autogenerated commits, thus btw I stated that most activity I saw was autogenerated. I even checked few branches and most "human based" commits were back from Oleg. (that raised the red alarm for me) So regarding roadmap and being part
  2. See my original post (mostly questions that was marked as "trolling") and see the first answer to be more clear of what I mean
  3. Hi, first of all thanks for answer. First of all it is interesting that you go on offense as defense and state that my questions are trolling :) I mean common, did I blame you that manpower of the project is much smaller than gentoo? I do not think in any way that you or anyone here own me anything, all of all I'm trying to understand the state and if I (maybe others who share same feeling) need to worry or re-calculate path if Funtoo is for them. Moreover I am the one who stated the shortage of developers in the first place, but somehow your answer is still that offense that I'
  4. But you obviously didn't ,except mumbling some generic things and trying to make it to "Funtoo is obviously not for you then" and "you do not understand" arguments with "matter for user" on top as I am not a user already, so I do not matter 🙂 Let's make it easier, so you would not dodge with "I already answered": I mean all your effort fails to point what is actual roadmap, official Roadmap and FAQ are outdated and have information that is not correct for the past 2 years. You fail to point out what is "stable" and if Funtoo is not rolling release, where are release cycles for p
  5. And just before you are giving unrelated generic answer 🙂 From official FAQ:
  6. And I do not see any innovations in Gentoo, I see they backported some ideas from Funtoo and they as well have newer ebuilds APIs. And let's put aside that they have stable mask and you do copy most from there, but still call them unstable. So what Funtoo can provide that Gentoo can't as it is based on Gentoo and should at least have something to say it is something new or better in anyway. Otherwise I see a lot of distros from Ubuntu that change wallpapers and call themselves - most stable and user-friendly (i am aware it is not same case here, but it seems you can't understand what I me
  7. Wait what? I am missing the point? Okay, os you basically saying that creating autogenerated ebuilds and not breaking updates is stable? Kit based when same kits have outdated versions is stable? So year+ old software would never have any vulnerabilities or bugs just because it "aged like wine?", did I get you correctly? Or maybe you also do not include those bugfixes and CVE fixes? How do you decide what updates are matter for user? Stability is not updates that are not breaking, stability is decent versions while the point of distro and it's maintainers to provide the s
  8. You are talking about 1.4 which was released at 2019, no new release for 2 years. Not sure what you mean by infra and autogenerated packages, I mean having basic core generated is one thing and once configured would not require a lot, but maintaining and having own distro is little bit more than that, right? Regarding XFCE - again, you have official support (otherwise why do you have kit) and making RFE for supported kit to update for release that is out more than a year (last update was same story) seems little bit "hard way" to have basic things in desktop distro (again funtoo stat
  9. ☝️ There are so many packages that are outdated, e.g. xfce4 whole kit is old, a lot of packages are not updated. I am not sure that autogeneration and copying ebuilds from gentoo is "active". Moreover gentoo has bumped EAPI already and new ebuilds are not compatible with Funtoo
  10. Hi, From recent activity it seems like funtoo development (except autogenerated updates mostly) is getting to mostly none, including activity even in on this forum. Can we get an update on the current state, what is the roadmap and future of the project? And if I'm correct and funtoo project is declining, is there any plans to provide proper solution to migrate to gentoo without the need to setup everything from scratch.
  11. Hi, same as steam requires 32bit, wine requires 32bit for some application(or games in that matter, e.g. Battle.Net) So I created docker (basically same way steam one if made) and it seems to work. It would require wrapper to launch it and proper ebuild. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue working on it, but if anyone want to take over or play starcraft 2 😛 https://github.com/funkycode/funtoo-wine-launcher - dockerfile https://quay.io/repository/funkycode/funtoo-wine-launcher - docker image to launch: # Make folder for steam data STEAM_DATA_FOLDER=~/
  12. I don't mind anyone checking my overlay or using it, but I'm not sure I want to maintain and take responsibility for that one, as I'm not sure I would keep using deepin or funtoo (already moved work laptop back to gentoo) P.S. I also update to latest LTS nvidia kernel modules (440.82) as I'm using 5.6 kernel from gentoo 😄
  13. I was able to adjust Gentoo overlay and using it as DE right now :) I have overlay, but I added some flags and packages manually and it might require some instructions
  14. If you need to report most of the things — it is kinda doing it yourself. It is fair to tell that it's homebrew distro and noone owns you anything. But if you advertise your distro asstable and that it can be used in production, regardless of it being free or not — you need to provide certain standards. There is a problem of small group of maintainers in Funtoo and it's logical that it would not have all fixes and there would still be problems. The question is the % of the user input vs maintainers work. If there is need for all users to always report - it's not everyday stable
  15. I am not sure where and what builds were, but I trust 1.3 branch git commits history. And do not blame me of missing links to any bug report, as you obviously missed whole point of my post and cherry picking exactly things you want to answer to, while sticking to golang. I did contribute to Funtoo when I could (yes it was long time ago, when Funtoo just started and Martin and other guys was in core team), but currently I have less time and opportunity to do it. I did not report as I did not check what vulnerabilities golang or kubectl (somehow you did not comment on that one) h
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