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Thanks, Funtoo!

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It's been pretty quiet lately so I want to throw in another "thank you" to the crew that creates and maintains Funtoo.  I discovered Funtoo as a way to fight systemd but I've been really pleased at what a great all-around distro it's proven to be.  So, "Thanks!"


Obligatory systemd hate: http://suckless.org/sucks/systemd

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I am very thankful for Funtoo's existance. I'm really glad that you guys(the team) are still maintaining it and I hope it continues for long. I began with Gentoo and I found it incredibly frustrating, and after hours of work I found out my touchpad didn't work with Gentoo kernel. Funtoo on the other hand has been a dream and everything I wanted in a system, I made an account to lurk about and share whatever I can to show community.


Thank you, long live!

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Necrobump but at least it's less than a year old :)


So far my 3 or 4 day venture into Funtoo has been very easy and I am very impressed. I used Gentoo back in the early/mid 2000's and it really appealed to my need to tinker. Bounced around and used many, many different distros, even spent about 6 months with FreeBSD. Came back to Linux and wanted a system free of (insert unmentionable init system here) so found Funtoo. Surprised to learn Mr. Robbins was the author and since I loved Gentoo so much, decided to give the distro a whirl. Much easier install and everything has worked well. Thanks Funtoo team, much appreciated!

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