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  1. Hi cardinal, Thanks a lot. I have already "x11-base/xorg-server glamor" in /etc/portage/package.use I tried to add VIDEO_CARDS="radeon radeonsi" in /etc/portage/make.conf and tried: # emerge -auvDN --with-bdeps=y @world --autounmask-write Unfortunately I have a dependency problem, which I could not solve yet. I'll post my problem on the "Portage Help" forum. Best Regards
  2. Now I tried: xrandr --output DVI-1 --mode 1920x1200 --pos 0x0 --rotate left output: xrandr: output DVI-1 cannot use rotation "left" reflection "none" and 05-device.conf: Section "Device" Identifier "RadeonR7" Driver "radeon" Option "monitor-DVI-1" "DVI" Option "RandRRotation" "True" EndSection the same output. But I don't know why RandR is disabled and RandRRotation is not used, from Xorg.0.log: [ 16.699] (II) RADEON(0): RandR 1.2 enabled, ignore the following RandR disabled message. [ 16.749] (WW) RADEON(0): Option "RandRRotation" is not used [ 16.749] (--)
  3. Hi cardinal, Thanks for the configs. I tried them, but unfortunately I get segmentation fault in Xorg.0.log: https://bpaste.net/show/df0271fcb6b7 Is interesting that these configs have effect, because I tried something like: 05-device.conf (unmodified) 10-monitor.conf Section "Monitor" Identifier "DVI" Option "PreferredMode" "1680x1050" EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "Default Screen" Monitor "DVI" Device "RadeonR7" DefaultDepth 24 Subsection "Display" Depth 24 Modes "1680x1050" "1280x800" EndSubSection EndSection but have no effect at
  4. Hi cardinal, I'd like to rotate Left = Counterclockwise Here are the values: Xorg.0.log: https://bpaste.net/show/4bbf576df8d8 lxrandr -q Resolution: 1920x1200 Refresh Rate: 59.95 lspci -nn | grep VGA: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Bonaire XTX [Radeon R7 260X/360] [1002:6658] Currently I have only the default /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20opengl.conf: Section "Files"
  5. Hi, I'd like to rotate the screen by 90? in a Funtoo based system on KDE Plasma 5. Unfortunately I can't do that by the KDE System Settings -> Display and Monitor: Orientation (doesn't work). I tried to add an xorg conf file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-monitor.conf according to this but has no effect. I don't know whether I should change /etc/sddm.conf or what is the solution. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. I reinstalled the entire system using ext4 instead of btrfs (is still experimental according to this: http://www.funtoo.org/BTRFS_Fun).I don't know whether that was the problem but now I have a working KDE Plasma 5, according to the guide: http://www.funtoo.org/KDE_Plasma_5 Thanks for all. Regards
  7. Thanks, Funtoo! Thanks, Daniel and others and for every contribution. It was a long journey, but now from a Kubuntu background I'm in the process of adopting a Funtoo system with KDE Plasma 5. Regards
  8. btrfs is stable. I used it with Kubuntu, but with Funtoo I didn't try, yet.
  9. Hi Jack, I had something similar, but maybe you have a different problem: http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/52-how-can-i-copyinstall-usb-driver-from-system-rescue-cd
  10. Hi, I try to install X and a desktop environment on a working Funtoo system. Unfortunately I got this: checking for intltool-extract... /usr/bin/intltool-extract checking for xgettext... /usr/bin/xgettext checking for msgmerge... /usr/bin/msgmerge checking for msgfmt... /usr/bin/msgfmt checking for gmsgfmt... /usr/bin/gmsgfmt Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed! configure: error: GNU gettext tools not found; required for intltool What could I do? gettext is installed: * sys-devel/gettext
  11. Hi j-g-, I agree, I know, I have to learn a lot more. Thanks a lot for the advises.
  12. Hi j-g-, iwconfig and 'ip a' shows wlan0. Fantastic! Sorry, I could not imagine this. I realized only now that ifconfig didn't show eth0 either. Should I file a bug report for ifconfig? Unfortunately I could not find where to do that. I'm going to emerge NetworkManager with --autounmask-write and I'll configure the network. I learnt a lot with this issue, kernel configuration, about modules and a lot of commands to investigate these kind of problems. Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi j-g-, You are very steadfast to solve this issue, I appreciate it very much. Output of rfkill list: 0: phy0: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no In the dmesg log the RT chipset is 3593 not 3573, couldn't be the problem? But in SystemRescueCd and Kubuntu ( kernel) works with the same rt2800usb module. I compared the firmware files rt28*0.bin from Kubuntu, they are the exact same files in Funtoo.
  14. I'm using debian-sources 3.14.4-1 In lib/firmware I have only rt2860.bin, rt2870.bin (from rt28xx) Here is a diff of dmesg before and after device plugin: 915a916,927 > [ 190.525760] usb 7-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-pci > [ 190.674366] usb 7-1: New USB device found, idVendor=13b1, idProduct=003b > [ 190.674373] usb 7-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3 > [ 190.674377] usb 7-1: Product: Linksys AE3000 > [ 190.674380] usb 7-1: Manufacturer: Linksys > [ 190.674383] usb 7-1: SerialNumber: 1.00 > [ 190.731057] cfg
  15. Sorry, ccm was installed already. I can load the module by modprobe, but doesn't help either. I don't know what could I try further. I seems too high for me but I'll try this: http://geekniggle.blogspot.ro/2012/07/cisco-linksys-ae3000-wifi-usb-dongle.html
  16. Hi j-g-, I checked the rt3573* file, is missing, but is missing even in Kubuntu. I think I don't need it. I'm sure I emerged linux-firmware during install, but I did it again from chrooted environment. I compared the output of lsmod in SystemRescueCd, Kubuntu and Funtoo. It seems the only modules I don't have in Funtoo (and SystemRescueCd, Kubuntu both are using it) are: ccm pata_acpi I suspect the ccm module. Do you have idea how to configure the kernel in order to include this module? In any case, thanks for all your help.
  17. Hi, I'm very grateful for the Funtoo community. I learnt to configure the kernel with config-extract, menuconfig, genkernel. Unfortunately the wireless card doesn't appear yet. @j-g- It seems that the mentioned config values were 'y' by default, I didn't change them: cat .config | grep RT2 CONFIG_RT2X00=m CONFIG_RT2400PCI=m CONFIG_RT2500PCI=m CONFIG_RT2800PCI=m CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT33XX=y CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT35XX=y CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT53XX=y CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT3290=y CONFIG_RT2500USB=m CONFIG_RT2800USB=m CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT33XX=y CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT35XX=y CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT
  18. Hi j-g-, Many thanks for the detailed explanation. Unfortunately I screwed up my systems a bit and I don't like it. I'll not detail the issues now. Perhaps I'll start from scratch again. Now I've found how can I set the wireless from systemrescuecd graphical environment and I can reinstall the system anytime. I'm in the process of learning, it's a fun experience. I'll announce the result. Best regards. Zoltan
  19. Sorry, is not a trivial task for me, to configure the kernel. I did it only once with Gentoo. I read here: http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Kernels "It is necessary to name the kernel configuration file something other than ".config" to avoid errors with genkernel." Should I do that after "make oldconfig" and "make menuconfig"? I suspect, yes and so I screwed up things, but I learnt a lot now. I'll try again. Thanks for the help.
  20. Hi, My card is an USB Linksys AE3000. It is listed by lsusb in Kubuntu: Bus 003 Device 002: ID 13b1:003b Linksys I'll try to install the driver according to the advises. Thanks a lot.
  21. Hi, I have a working Funtoo system (thanks to nrc and sputnik). Unfortunately my usb wireless card was not recognized. ifconfig shows only the lo interface. Now I would like to install the wireless driver from a working Kubuntu system. When I 'chroot' into Funtoo, will the wireless connection remain alive? I tried this but I get an error at the chroot command: mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/funtoo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/funtoo/home cd /mnt/funtoo mount -t proc none proc mount --rbind /sys sys mount --rbind /dev dev env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM chroot . bash -l env: chroot: No
  22. I've found IOMMU in the BIOS, i had to enable it and now it works with the debian-sources kernel. Thanks for help.
  23. Hi, Recently I installed Funtoo Linux with the debian-sources kernel according to the installation instructions (http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Installation). I had to boot the alternative kernel (alter64) of system rescue cd, because the standard kernel could not work with usb ports. I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard. Unfortunately in the installed system is the same situation, the usb ports don't work. Is there a way to port/install the usb driver from the system rescue cd? I'll be grateful for any help. Zoltan
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