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  1. I had a similar problem with Funtoo Gnome, R would pop up a disabled sign and the S key wouldn't function. I never got to fix it, Is there a config file that allows to set keyboard layout for gnome, or is it by gui?
  2. Took me by suprise, No problems yet. Thank you
  3. Suprise GCC update. *sigh*

  4. The only way to keep Linux users on Windows is to force them to, but when it just isn't working you have no choice but to stick to what you know and what you have control over. Good work!
  5. I am very thankful for Funtoo's existance. I'm really glad that you guys(the team) are still maintaining it and I hope it continues for long. I began with Gentoo and I found it incredibly frustrating, and after hours of work I found out my touchpad didn't work with Gentoo kernel. Funtoo on the other hand has been a dream and everything I wanted in a system, I made an account to lurk about and share whatever I can to show community. Thank you, long live!
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