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missing /dev/rtc in genkernel of gentoo-sources-4.4.6



I ran the following:


emerge gentoo-sources

genkernel all


This resulted in a kernel which was missing /dev/rtc, which caused the following message on boot:

 * Setting system clock using the hardware clock [UTC] ...
hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.
hwclock: Use the --debug option to see the details of our search for an access method.
 * Failed to set the system clock                                                         
 [ !! ]

I corrected this by running:


genkernel --menuconfig all


and enabling Device Drivers / Real time Clock.


This got things working properly.


So, is this a bug?  Or just something I don't understand about genkernel?  I would have expected the hardware clock to work without my manual intervention.


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Genkernel generic kernel-config compiles faster because it builds a fraction of the drivers debian-sources kernel-config does.

Fewer drivers increases the chance something may not be built that is needed for a laptop or newer hardware.

Genkernels kernel-config is adequate for older hardware like my 2008 desktop.


Genkernels x86_64 kernel-config:


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Diff your .config and genkernels kernel-config to list the additional configs your hardware required for rtc.
Go to bugs.funtoo.org
I would classify this as a story you want the developers to review.
Create Issue/Issue Type/Story
Report your experience including your hardware information and the additional configs it required for rtc.
The most recent forum post on rtc Sandro was using his own config.

Genkernels kernel-config has
CONFIG_RTC_DRV_CMOS=m builds rtc-cmos kernel module.

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