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udev with KDBUS (for systemd) = further challenges for eudev? :(

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Phoronix: Using Udev Without Systemd Is Going To Become Harder



Funtoo with eudev works very well for my purposes and so I have not dabbled with systemd. No doubt other distros and users are very happy with it.


I am ignorant to the politics and decision making around systemd and udev. It does seem to me disappointing that udev would be changed in such a way that it breaks functionality with non-systemd init daemons. If that is not "forcing distros to use systemd" then I don't know what is. -_-



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Read my edit, the bellow paragraph was out of ignorance, of the recent events.

I use systemd and I don't think this will affect eudev nor anything using dbus, anyway let's not turn this about it(systemd), I've been reading some about kdbus and from what I've read there will be a userspace daemon that will be a drop-in replacement for dbus but using kdbus in the background, anyway eudev pretty much is just getting udev outside of the systemd source code tree(search the git logs and see for yourself), for building it alone, and kdbus is an IPC system inside the kernel it isn't part of systemd, so you I think you are worrying about nothing in this particular case.

If you are not one of those people allergic to Lennart, here's a good video with *Technical* information about kdbus[1]




[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?  v=NgR6d54blrU (join the space, the forum grabbed the video embedded with the complete URL)


Edit: I hadn't read your link, my bad, Well then there's things to worry about, for eudev, but I bet the the path will be to implement another kdbus userspace, but in my opinion while, this deafinitelly means a lot of work, it may not be a bad thing.

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Okay, that does not sound to bad. The article obviously suggests major headaches for the eudev team, which lead me to think about Funtoo.


I look forward to watching that video. I have not yet developed a 'Lennart allergy'! :P

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