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Found 3 results

  1. Hi friends , i just installed funtoo stage 3 and try to upgrade ,but i get following error .please help and thanks in advance :) Failed to emerge app-crypt/libsecret-0.18.3, log file /tmp/portage/app-crypt/libsecret-0.18.3/temp/build.log message for package sys-fs?eudev-3.1.2 as of 2013-01-29,eudev-3.1.2 provides new interface renaming funtionlity as described in the url below http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/software/systemd/predictablenetworkinterfacenames ERROR: app-crypt/libsecret-0.18.3: :gentoo failed (compile phase): emake failed S: '/tmp/portage/app-crypt/libsecret-0.18.3/work/libsecret-0.18.3
  2. Smdev Smdev is simple device manager. It's alternative to udev, eudev and mdev. I maintain smdev ebuilds on my overlay[1]. I have working keyboard, mouse, touchpad, trackpoint, sound, graphics, wifi, hotplug and module autoloading with the default config and initscript that comes with the ebuild. [1] https://github.com/causes-/causelay/blob/master/sys-fs/smdev/smdev-0.2.2.ebuild Migrate guide from eudev Here is migrate guide away from eudev. First you need to disable udev and gudev use flags. /etc/portage/make.conf USE="$USE -udev -gudev" Then enable keyboard, mouse and synaptics INPUT_DEVICES instead of evdev. /etc/portage/make.conf INPUT_DEVICES="keyboard mouse synaptics" Rebuild world. # emerge -uavDN @world # emerge -av --depclean Configure X.Org to use keyboard/kbd, mouse and synaptics instead of evdev. Use "InputDevice" instead of "InputClass". /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-keyboard.conf Section "InputDevice" Identifier "keyboard0" Driver "kbd" option "AutoServerLayout" "on" Option "XkbLayout" "fi" EndSection /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-touchpad.conf Section "InputDevice" Identifier "touchpad0" Driver "synaptics" option "AutoServerLayout" "on" Option "HorizTwoFingerScroll" "1" Option "VertTwoFingerScroll" "1" Option "SoftButtonAreas" "65% 0 0 20% 45% 60% 0 20%" Option "AreaTopEdge" "20%" EndSection /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-mouse.conf Section "InputDevice" identifier "Mouse0" driver "mouse" option "AutoServerLayout" "on" option "device" "/dev/input/mice" EndSection Add smdev to sysinit runlevel. rc-update del udev sysinit rc-update del udev-mount sysinit rc-update del udev-postmount boot rc-update add smdev sysinit Now you are ready to reboot.
  3. Phoronix: Using Udev Without Systemd Is Going To Become Harder http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTczNjI Funtoo with eudev works very well for my purposes and so I have not dabbled with systemd. No doubt other distros and users are very happy with it. I am ignorant to the politics and decision making around systemd and udev. It does seem to me disappointing that udev would be changed in such a way that it breaks functionality with non-systemd init daemons. If that is not "forcing distros to use systemd" then I don't know what is. -_-
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