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Say it ain't so! Gnome-3.16 pulls in systemd?!

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I just sync'd one of my funtoo boxes.  Looks like gnome-3.16 is ready for installation.... but wait,  gnome-3.16 wants to pull in SYSTEMD!!!!  Say it ain't so!!!!!


I hope I'm wrong.

[ebuild     U  ] gnome-base/gnome-3.16.0:2.0::gentoo [3.14.1:2.0::gentoo] USE="accessibility bluetooth cdr classic cups extras" 0 KiB
[blocks B      ] sys-fs/eudev ("sys-fs/eudev" is blocking sys-apps/systemd-226-r1, sys-apps/gentoo-systemd-integration-4)
[blocks B      ] sys-apps/gentoo-systemd-integration ("sys-apps/gentoo-systemd-integration" is blocking sys-fs/eudev-3.1.2-r10)
[blocks B      ] sys-apps/systemd ("sys-apps/systemd" is blocking sys-fs/eudev-3.1.2-r10, app-admin/openrc-settingsd-1.0.1)
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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

I found a few package.use settings I missed in integrating the gnome-3.16-fixups mix-in into the main GNOME mix-in. Some of these could cause systemd to get pulled in. Now regenerating the tree. If you still see systemd pulled in after doing emerge --sync, file a bug.

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