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new funtoo home page

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I am sorry guys, this new front page to funtoo with the guy yelling, does not work for me.

If I was not already a funtoo user, I would run far and fast.

Open the home page and yo u have sound turned on or headphones like I just did ...

It just has the oposite effect that I would like the home page to represent.

and this is just my humble opinion.

I wonder how others feel.

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no reason to be suspicious. I started with gentoo and in 2011 I installed my first funtoo and never looked back.

I really liked the previous homepage video with screenshots from other users.

I am on irc all the time, rarely on forums as you can see, I should promise to come to forums more often, but is just not something I usually do.


Am I just a old fart and think badly of this approach?

Is a honest question I am asking, what do you think of it?

It may turn out to be the next greatest thing to slice bread, and I have it wrong.

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sorry, but ... hillarious!

i laughed my ass off. if i would be thinking about giving funtoo a try and then browsing the homepage... i would *** DO IT.

besides that,  i dont see what this video has to do with the rest of the substance at hand. and i really dont like people yelling at me for no reason or especially or when browsing frontpages of linux distros.


Nice Gag but plz dont leave it too long on the homepage.

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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

As far as I'm concerned, I loved this video. However I understand it may annoy some people, especially when it autostarts, and especially when you wear earphones.

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I hope that funtoo.org continues to include appropriate humour and this certainly made me laugh... the first time around. The second time Shia's "JUST DO IT!" just about killed me (opening chromium... funtoo.org open in a background tab... 60% volume... not expecting it).


Perhaps this vid and other funny things could instead be placed around funtoo.org as hidden 'easter eggs' for us to discover. Not only is that a bit of fun (fun... funtoo...) but it would also further encourage many eyes to be looking over the wiki content.

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As a new user and discoverer of Funtoo, my reaction is "meh".  I had to listen to it once to understand what was going on, but now that I understand it, it doesn't bother me.

I DO find it annoying thta it plays every single time I go to the page.  I wish it would play the first time, and then be smart enough to know that I had already watched it once, and not show up again... But then it would have to read my mind.

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