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  1. happy new year everyone! All the best for 2016: Joy. and great development for funtoo. awesome indeed...
  2. for an 80x80 favicon maybe just take the first two letters ;) it will be a strong remembered icon. also i just took a thumbshot of the logo. aka putting my thumb over the screen where the logo is. if you position your thumb right over the fun part of funtoo. the white t with the 2 uppercase oo look really funny on dark background. some kind of thing with eyes lurking in the dark.
  3. sounds like a nice dream. i see an ecological advantage of making the internet much more eficient by avoiding unnecessary data transfers.
  4. sorry, but ... hillarious! i laughed my ass off. if i would be thinking about giving funtoo a try and then browsing the homepage... i would *** DO IT. besides that, i dont see what this video has to do with the rest of the substance at hand. and i really dont like people yelling at me for no reason or especially or when browsing frontpages of linux distros. Nice Gag but plz dont leave it too long on the homepage.
  5. hey swamprabbit, looking forward to your feedback/documentation of your laptop installation. i`ve begun installing funtoo on my laptop aswell but i`m a little stuck after a standard setup that i have on my desktop. i would like to hear about good practices installing/configuring of powermanagement and energy saving. connected to this is swap management and the issues of waking up from hibernation. i appreciate every thought. so plz share your experiences. thx
  6. hey trevoke, since i am in the same spot than you installing funtoo first time on a laptop, these questions come to my mind aswell. As for power management i stumbled across laptop-mode-tools (http://www.funtoo.org/Power_Management). My assumption is that this packages provides the functionality for those events and actions, but im not quite sure. Havent installed it yet. pantau
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