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No ebuilds available for Musescore



I am installing next,Gnome in place of current,XFCE.


# emerge --search  musescore
[ Results for search key : musescore ]

[ Applications found : 0 ]


I had it running on current,XFCE.  May this mean It has to be fetched from some third part repo?  I don't remember how I first got it, it was more than an year ago.

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Hello @fredmyra! There are no official 3rd party emerge repos for Funtoo.  The package was likely dropped in the upgrade to Next-release, the current release.  Fortunately it looks like this package is available on Flathub

Just follow the instructions provided below


If there is other software you use that isn't available in Funtoo or with Flatpak, you can open an Improvement report at http://bugs.funtoo.org and request it be added.
thanks for your attention

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