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  1. Sorry to report, but you have a major problem there: the link you supply refers to a local file (see the 192.xxx.yyy.zzz IP address range) so it's not available to anyone except yourself. Not very useful for sharing ? You're also advised to translate the download page in English, so people know what it is they're looking at before committing a download. HTH!
  2. Do ego sync emerge -auDN @world Evaluate the list: how many packages require a rebuild and how much of those are large programs/tools/libs (like mesa, ffmpeg, etc)? If there's a fair amount, it might be quicker to re-install from scratch. I noticed you have an core i7 proc, make sure you set the MAKEOPTS flag to a suitable number (17 should do it) MAKEOPTS="-j17" You can put that in make.conf as it's a global flag. HTH!
  3. Excellent! Great news, I'll investigate further tomorrow. Many thanks helping out! :)
  4. Thx! Yes, I've found that (contributed the installation part for it) but it doesn't really answer how to create images myself. Is it just a text file, if so, what syntax do I need and if not, how do I create an image, especially for Devuan while running Funtoo.
  5. Did you find this page on the Brother website yet? http://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/index_rp.html?c=gb&lang=en&prod=mfcl2710dw_us_eu_as&redirect=on Go to "Driver Install" -> "Cupswrapper driver install" -> scroll down to step 5 a/b.
  6. Before asking my list of questions, first some back ground info: Since earlier this year I work for a thrift shop-chain. Part of my job (for 2 days/week) is running the PC refurbishment project. When I first joined this project Linux Mint was used to install a new OS on refurbished computers. Trust me, systemd on a P4 is a disaster. But who wants systemd anyway ;) So after a while I came across some nice professional network hardware (Gbit managed switches, several) and using an Intel Core 2 machine I created a local network w/o internet access. I also took the decision to change the OS to Devuan Linux with the MATE DE, as the intended audience/user-base are novice Linux users. To this aim I maintain a local repo of Devuan, updated weekly via a portable HDD drive. In the near future a new fiber-optic internet connection will be activated, but as its speed cannot match what I have now to transfer large chunks of data (sorry, packages ;) ) I'll keep the local repo in use for the time being. But the updating process will need some overhauling, having to log around with heavy USB drives is getting quite tedious now. So, with the upcoming access to high-speed internet I've obtained permission to connect to the to-be-launched wifi network during the night to update said repo. But I also would like to have a local Funtoo repo on the same machine, equally updated during the night. This means I need at least 2 virtual machines and from reading my way around, it seems Linux Containers may do what I want: run a Funtoo base system, with a pair for virtual machines on top, one running Funtoo and the other Devuan, each updating itself during the night before switching off again. (I'll be writing some scripts for that, but first getting to grips with LXC!) Is this possible, how do I proceed (the replacement server already has a fresh Funtoo 1.2 install on it) and how do I create my own containers as I'm aware there's nothing for Devuan nor the Core2 metal the server runs on (Funtoo only supports Westmere so far, by the looks of it). TIA!
  7. Try installing Cups and manage your printer from there. Also, mind that Brother has excellent instructions on how to connect a networked device, including the correct URI syntax on their website.
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