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  1. Trouble with LINGUAS

  2. emerge firefox need binutils-9999

    I have firefox 62.0-r1 now. I like the variant with mask, but what about a horrible bug found in firefox 62(https://threatpost.com/mozillas-release-of-firefox-62-packs-nine-fixes/137230/)? Is firefox 61 impacted?
  3. emerge firefox need binutils-9999

    Hi, all. Try to update firefox, but it wants binutils-9999. If i install binutils-9999, how can i later return to normal binutils versions (not 9999)? Thanks.
  4. Trouble with LINGUAS

    Already done. But is this normal, that LINGUAS doesn't work for portage?
  5. Trouble with LINGUAS

    P.S. It seems that #funtoo irc channel is disappear. Is anybody use it?
  6. Trouble with LINGUAS

    Hi, everybody. Try to upgrade portage and got: [ebuild R ] sys-apps/portage-2.3.41 USE="-linguas_ru*" In emerge -p output. While in make.conf: LINGUAS="en ru" What wrong with LINGUAS and what can i do to fix this? Thanks!