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  1. Please, show the output of lspci.
  2. Wow. Didn't know about this :-D. I always use /boot/... in grub.cfg .
  3. What does it mean? What error message or what behaviour do you see? Do you really have kernel and initramfs in the fs root(instead of /boot)?
  4. Unpack funtoo stage3, remove kernel with all kernel modules and pack it again. And you will get as small stage3 as gentoo has :-D.
  5. May be we can remove firefox*.sh files, but there is wayland support, IIUC. I don't use wayland, thus i just stayed they intact.
  6. Hi, all. Please, test firefox 78 ebuild - https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7678 Steps(as root): 1. download firefox.ebuild.txz 2. [as root] cd /var/git/meta-repo/kits/browser-kit/www-client/firefox; unxz -c ~/firefox.ebuild.txz | tar -x 3. emerge -a =firefox-78.4.1 NOTES: - I had not working mouse wheel scrolling; to fix this i place in my browser start script "export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=0" before firefox start line; - I had not working http basic auth until i disabled "Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Firefox" addon. firefox.ebuild.txz
  7. Another one issue may be. In src_install() we have But we specify EPREFIX in src_configure() for "configure --prefix". IIUC, in this case we should use $D with emake.
  8. Found answer here - https://www.funtoo.org/Portage_Variables : The same for EROOT.
  9. I use custom scripts: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6305
  10. Add the next line into a config(.schism/config) in the [Audio] section: driver=alsa:default or use the command line option: -a alsa:default
  11. The problem: - no sound when playing a music - show error on a file loading: "Couldn't open audio device: Device or resource busy"
  12. * www-client/firefox Latest version available: 72.0.2 Latest version installed: 72.0.2 Size of files: 309,071 KiB Homepage: https://www.mozilla.com/firefox Description: Firefox Web Browser License: MPL-2.0 GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 * www-client/firefox-bin Latest version available: 78.0.2 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of files: 69,826 KiB Homepage: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ Description: Firefox Web Browser License: MPL-2.0 GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 Oh. Really.
  13. Hi, all. Looking at nginx-1.17.5 ebuild src_install(). Can't understand why ${EROOT} is used instead of ${EPREFIX}.
  14. Hi, all. Can anybody explain why we need ${ED}? We already have ${D} and if somebody need, its value can be replaced with "${D}/${EPREFIX}" without entering ED. The same for EROOT vs ROOT.
  15. Hi, all. Am i understand correctly, that the difference between doins and newins only in the presence of second argument?
  16. user-uid.map can contain shell, homedir and groups in addition to uid. Thus, enewuser can derive all needed parameters from the map file(so, if many packages really need the same user, they can create it independently).
  17. Yes. acct-user/* and acct-group/* are ugly a little less than completely :-D.
  18. emap*() here - just a prototypes. imho, it should be implemented as small static C binary and included in the portage package.
  19. My considerations about "problem" with constant uid/gid between machines. Hope i understood correctly motivations from glep 81. If we need a constant uid/gid for some packages, then we need something like /etc/services for uid and gid. For example, /var/git/meta-repo/user-uid.map and /var/git/meta-repo/group-gid.map. Format of these files could be: user-uid.map: UNAME SP UID group-gid.map: GNAME SP GID Where: UNAME - user name GNAME - group name UID - user id GID - group id SP - spaces and/or tabs ([ \t]+) Then we should modify user.eclass a li
  20. Hi, all. Is /var/git/ a right location to place custom overlay/kit (for example, /var/git/my)? Can i sure that it willn't be removed by ego/portage?
  21. $ equery l corenetwork * Searching for corenetwork ... [IP-] [ ] sys-apps/corenetwork-1.6.5:0 I have 1.6.5 version of corenetwork and there is nothing about virtfn. May be this changes aren't accessible yet.
  22. Hi. Show please your /etc/conf.d/net.test.
  23. Hi, all. Am only for me this seems strange? User/group management with packages is wrong, imho. If gentoo wants constant uid/gid for some daemons, why doesn't simply tell package maintainers to do this with enewuser/enewgroup? Why this strange idea?..
  24. You can't avoid systemd simply by installing openrc. Many binaries of systemd package can still be in a system. In funtoo you can easily do: epro mix-ins no-systemd In gentoo(when i tried it) this can't be done so easy. I didn't say that in gentoo net conf is complex, i said that funtoo do it better ;-).
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