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QA Bot is go! Tell me what you want it to test!

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hey all,


Metro now has the ability to perform QA tests and to file JIRA bugs :)


Tell me what you'd like me to have tested for you. I'll explain what we are testing so far:


Before anything is updated in your Portage tree, we make sure that all the stuff in a stage3 merges cleanly for both funtoo-current and funtoo-stable.


QA bot's first job is to make sure that gnome always merges cleanly in funtoo-current. The test involves peforming a full merge of gnome and reporting any failed packages.


The first sets of tests we'll be doing involve build testing like this -- which ensures that the required ebuild(s) build cleanly, all deps are resolved, and and emerged packages that depend on said ebuilds find all the stuff they are expected to find.


As we improve our QA efforts, I will support the ability to perform arbitrary QA tests that are not just about build testing and dep resolution. But that's where I want to start.


One good source of ideas of packages that are important to you are in /var/lib/portage/world. Let me know what you want to see tested.





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i hate to say it, we need to fork console kit, polkit, and network manager to keep them stable and operational...  my desktops FRIED from an update, polkit went crazy on me...  locked out of X and the works...  fortunately i was playing with dbus/consolekit/polkit to get firewalld's ebuild stuff going and knew how to tell it to chill....  my dbus on the desktop is systemd so its possible im being a horrible person.  but yeah udev/dbus/consolekit/polkit requests....  the forums login capitalized t in threesixes when i logged in from laptop with chrome.  idk if its forums or what...

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i think that its just a good idea to have it pinned to 1 ebuild for each package since the install depends upon them...  if changes come along, we can have testers test the new ebuilds once we have a hand full of testers approve the ebuilds move them to production.  systemd purged from both boxes, its just too psychotic, gentoo doesn't q-a some stuff so well, especially tom-wij's packages since he's maintaining like 1/3rd of gentoo's packages.

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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

Here is the list of packages that are important to me:

  • app-editors/vim
  • app-misc/tmux
  • app-shells/zsh
  • app-text/texlive
  • dev-db/mysql
  • dev-db/postgresql
  • dev-lang/php
  • dev-lang/python
  • dev-python/pip
  • dev-python/virtualenvwrapper
  • mail-client/mutt
  • net-irc/irssi
  • net-misc/keychain
  • sys-kernel/vanilla-sources
  • www-client/firefox
  • x11-terms/rxvt-unicode
  • x11-wm/awesome
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