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im dropping JFS


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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

i said it.  im dropping JFS, ext4 has addressed the issues i had with ext3 which was the FSCK taking FOREVER AND A HALF with ext3.  JFS has been a TITAN of a file system for a very very long time so long as you played by it's rules.  the problem with JFS arises with incorrect fstab settings anywhere leaving root mounted as read only.  if you have a drive fail anywhere within your fstab your system is mounted read only with JFS, and this is the reason why i am officially dropping it in favor of ext4.  XFS is very similar in performance to JFS with more features but JFS's elegance is in its simplicity, and raw disk IO performance.  im still saying JFS is an excellent datacenter storage FS choice.


since im not trying to support 16gb sticks anymore i think im going to start including a 512mb swap also, much of it was written with 16gb usb stick support in mind because that's what i originally started the project on, it is really too small for a full funtoo install to be running even without swap.

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

That's a shame, always thought it was cool that you were using JFS. JFS is the filesystem I have played with the least. When I was writing IBM developerWorks articles, it was time for me to write about JFS (which came from IBM) and I could not get it to work at all. IBM wasn't happy about that and I was no longer writing IBM articles after that.

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Sorry to see you stop JFS support, as I use it pretty much exclusively. (not just Funtoo, but on my Devuan installs as well) At the time I choose JFS over XFS as the former had slightly better performance for small file storage, while being on par for large files.


What does this mean though for JFS support in Funtoo? Will JFS remain an option to install on? Or is this just for a personal project you run?

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