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  1. drobbins is building a developer army.
  2. im not a veteran but ive seen the horrors of war from being from a military family. support our troops, bring them home. im going to take a break for a while and move to an apartment because i cant live with my family anymore.
  3. pnoecker

    HP M29w help

    i have this same printer, however use mine on WPS wifi. hplip compiled with -libusb0 is probably not helping you. the printer is known working under wps in all situations including scanning.
  4. i said it. im dropping JFS, ext4 has addressed the issues i had with ext3 which was the FSCK taking FOREVER AND A HALF with ext3. JFS has been a TITAN of a file system for a very very long time so long as you played by it's rules. the problem with JFS arises with incorrect fstab settings anywhere leaving root mounted as read only. if you have a drive fail anywhere within your fstab your system is mounted read only with JFS, and this is the reason why i am officially dropping it in favor of ext4. XFS is very similar in performance to JFS with more features but JFS's elegance is in its simp
  5. where do i start. /dev/nvme is a direct device name and can change, use either labels, partlabels, uuid, or partuuid persistent naming because udev can load the drive as nvme0n0p5 or n2p5
  6. i pulled the better-initramfs stuff out, the ebuilds missing from portage, & we should not depend on remote initramfs images. debian-sources initramfs supports dmcrypt && luks && lvm.... it does all of them. i can get my build to boot, but it's a dirty ugly hack to get it to boot. its a misplaced detail SOMEWHERE.... and i think it's not supporting partlabel, requiring uuid for crypt root. i point the misloaded initrd @ /dev/sdc3 and it unlocks & finishes booting fine. it's all gravy now
  7. i worked at decrufting the https://www.funtoo.org/Rootfs_over_encrypted_lvm page, and removing extra information, and more closely aligning it with the official install. it should be good to go on everything except the bootloader ego boot update & file editing needs to be arranged more correctly, ill do it tomorrow, i've been working the page all day.
  8. https://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Localization
  9. in fchroot i was getting errors on emerge. PORTAGE_BUILDDIR * does not exist: '/var/tmp/portage/ ...' to fix this i needed to add FEATURES="-pid-sandbox" to the PI make.conf /mnt/funtoo/etc/portage/make.conf FEATURES="-pid-sandbox"
  10. emerge xorg-x11 pulseaudio networkmanager plasma-meta sddm is pulling it in, you can evade the issue entirely by using the lightdm greeter instead. at least im pretty sure of that.
  11. i have kde plasma running fine under this configuration with lightdm instead of sddm..... as i was building the stage3 desktop wiki page i had problems with grub and the kernel it was loading so i had added rc-update add elogind && rc-update add dbus... but looking at my gnome rig neither of those are required for lightdm to load. my gnome rig is also my cinnamon rig. my kde rig is pure kde, and twm to ensure xorg was starting. https://www.funtoo.org/Install/Stage3_Desktop
  12. sexy tweaks of this sort belong on the wiki instead of forums. 😃
  13. your login to bugs.funtoo.org is the same as the fourms. make sure you're using your USERNAME, not email. so im pnoecker on bugs.funtoo.org but paul.noecker6@gmaaaillll will faillllll.... drobbins doesn't guard the forum like a hawk, he does guard the bug tracker like a hawk though. try the bug tracker again. if it fails ill relay the message in discord for you.
  14. porkins has to punch the ibus merge error about sandbox violations. the fix is to merge gvfs and dbus! emerge -av1 dbus gvfs
  15. i dont get notifications for posting issues, but i do get the responses and mentions.
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