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What about Sabayon ????

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I went to sabayon forums and site to take a look at it.  And it seems to me that there is not much activity and I saw mostly few old stuff from 6 months ago and then stuff for past years.

Is Sabayon really still alive ?   Their most recent ISO for download is from 2019.03   and the current "daily build" image seems to be from 2020.08...  

Where are we going with that fusion ???    I'm just curious nothing more .



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Since they're pulling gentoo packages I'm not sure how much difference the freshness of the ISO makes.  I assume it's a stage4/installer package and you can build from there. For comparison, Funtoo 1.4 was released Sept '19.

That's the interesting thing about this, if they have an easy installer and a more friendly package manager it could significantly extend Funtoo's reach.  They are at least in the top 100 on distrowatch.  That probably represents at least a doubling of users benefiting from Funtoo developments.

The one concern for me is that Sabayon currently ships with systemd as the default init - a definite no for me.

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

I tried to make this clear in the announcement, but it is worth explaining in more detail -- Sabayon Linux and Funtoo Linux are going to remain distinct things.

We will make the Funtoo tree work for Sabayon so we can all contribute to the same set of packages.

There is no implied change to either Funtoo or Sabayon, besides Sabayon moving to use the Funtoo tree, by announcing this collaboration. Each project continues to make decisions for its own community with no obligation to switch to different technologies unless one project decides it wants to.

Over time, we will be collaborating on technology and some technology will be shared -- because it will be designed to make both Sabayon and Funtoo communities happy. Due to the nature of ebuilds, we can build two separate projects using the same base as a start.

Sabayon has not had a lot of public activity because they have been heavily working on their next evolution of the OS. They have been very busy, but it has been behind the scenes.



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