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  1. What is you favorite programming language

    Would bash count as well?
  2. efl-1.20.7 availability in Funtoo?

    Hey, thanks. Between 1.20.x and the previous ones, one would expect several fixes. If one wants to try E22, it seems not to be possible with earlier versions of EFL. See also https://phab.enlightenment.org/w/packaging_status/. I love to work with https://www.enlightenment.org/about-terminology, and, thus, I would like to have the latest one. Now, I would like to pick option 2, if I get some time :-). Or, I would love to learn how to prepare ebuilds, then suggest them for inclusion. For example, https://gitlab.com/NikosAlexandris/osgeo-overlay which I stopped working on. Too many things, not much time.
  3. emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    I removed a couple more packages which did have `qt4` included. Re-compiling now, to the latest possible stuff. Let's see.
  4. emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    I don't want actually qt4. In `make.conf` I have ` -qt3 -qt4` among the USE flags. I am unsure about which package(s) require it. I tried to massively clean-up my system in the last days. And, it seems it worked, more or less. There are still some quircks.
  5. efl-1.20.7 availability in Funtoo?

    What has to be done to get https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/tree/dev-libs/efl/efl-1.20.7.ebuild available in Funtoo-Linux?
  6. emerge @preserved-rebuild trouble

    Here the same (?) emerge @preserved-rebuild -av --exclude=efl These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy "app-crypt/qca:2[qt4]". !!! One of the following packages is required to complete your request: - app-crypt/qca-2.1.3-r2::nokit (Missing IUSE: qt4) (dependency required by "kde-frameworks/kdelibs-4.14.37::kde-kit[plasma]" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "kde-plasma/qguiplatformplugin_kde-4.11.22::kde-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "@preserved-rebuild" [argument])
  7. Migration to meta-repo

    I think I got past this by doing cd /var/tmp git clone https://github.com/funtoo/ego.git cd ego ./ego sync I hope now the rest of will play nice.
  8. Migration to meta-repo

    I think I face a similar problem. I am trying to, for example, upgrade ego: emerge -av ego and I get !!! Unable to parse profile: '/etc/portage/make.profile' !!! ParseError: Parent 'python-modules-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime' not found: '/etc/portage/make.profile/parent' !!! Your current profile is invalid. If you have just changed your profile !!! configuration, you should revert back to the previous configuration. !!! Allowed actions are limited to --help, --info, --search, --sync, and !!! --version. This very message is the response almost in any attempt to use emerge or epro update . The above steps did not help me. How do I get past this?
  9. CPU Soft Lockups of custom kernel and ZFS?

    Will have to find the time to upgrade my system. For the time being, I don't use Firefox. Neither the `updatedb` command. Both of which freeze the system.
  10. meta-repo: Can /usr/portage be deleted now?

    Hmm, really, can we wipe out the complete `/usr/portage` dir + subdirectories?
  11. Oh .... Fantastic :D

    Uboldo is near Saronno;

    I'm in Saronno in Via IV Novembre, 23

    21047 (VA)

    my cell is +393288560512


  12. Oh .... Fantastic :D

    Uboldo is near Saronno;

    I'm in Saronno in Via IV Novembre, 23

    21047 (VA)

    my cell is +393288560512


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    2. Sandro


      Ok ... now I'm at home :)

      Thx :)

    3. NikosAlexandris


      Dear Sandro, hope you are all well!

      Sorry for not seeing your reply early. I was a bit under working-pressure.  I am still here, in Ispra. But I'll leave I think for the vacation period. So, I guess we can try to meet in 2018 :-)

      Buone Feste, Nikos

    4. Sandro


      No problem dear :)

      Happy New Year for You and your family :)


  13. Failure to sync ruby-kit

    Same as https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-4389. Proposed workaround worked for me too!
  14. Failure to sync ruby-kit

    Thank you for your time, in any case!
  15. Failure to sync ruby-kit

    Well, I have tried, creating an empty directory. Yet, the same as in the first message.