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funtoo gentoo diffferences between

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"In contrast to Gentoo Linux, we offer a number of innovations, including our extensive use of git, our profile system, boot-update boot management tool, our incredibly flexible template-based networking scripts, Metro distribution build system, support of Debian, RHEL and other kernels, enhanced Python support, Portage mini-manifests, user-centric distribution model, and a large number of community infrastructure improvements."


yeah our profile system makes sense...  the ldap login system so your forums account can edit wiki, or post bugs also with out re-signing up.  cloud virtual machine containers are available directly from the distro leader.  by dictator he means the original author of portage leads this distro.

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Funtoo uses git instead of rsync for syncing tree

That stopped being a Funtoo only feature some months ago.


Now It's optional


Can be done now with gentoo thanks to

No Systemd

This isn't actually a feature, because Gentoo still uses Openrc as default init system, Funtoo just has it masked(You can't install it easily ), and doesn't have official profiles for it. It can actually be unmasked and installed, I did it.



That said, the feature I most like that is exclusive to Funtoo are the profile mixins.

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tengine + passenger support...  good luck finding it anywhere else =D  as far as i know gentoo's stuck with nginx + passenger and that it must be overlayed in.  no overlays here you can 0 to passenger on a decent webserver in about 15 minutes of setup.  funtoo's webserver options are very flexible....  you can easily passenger > tengine > varnish > nginx/pound/stunnel for extreme performance ssl ruby on rails setups.

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Great answers everyone!

I've noticed with gentoo that many packages, when they find a bug in the package, and it's unmaintained, they delete it from the repo. Does funtoo follow the same policy because it seems sad to me that an attempt is not made to fix the problem, the package becomes "throw away ware". I mean, the whole point of open source (substitute your prefered term) was to prevent programs from being just tossed out and the wheel re-invented later.

Also, is there a guide to switch from gentoo to funtoo? Or do I need to do a complete reinstall.


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From using both Gentoo and Funtoo I would say that Funtoo has more innovation, and it's more practical. There are these small differences, like management of kernel, grub and such that makes it better. Gives you more time with the rest of the system. I feel that Funtoo is Gentoo without some of the some unnecessary hardships. 


This is why I use Funtoo, and not Gentoo. 

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