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  1. Could you please "ls -al ~/Funtoo/" ? Btw, the cats before the greps are redundant, and why don't you just cp the other ones?
  2. I use udevil from the command line, and it can also be used by the GUI filemanager SpaceFM. I don't know about PcmanFM, though.
  3. Linux Sea seems inaccessible at the moment. I'd suggest http://kernel-seeds.org/ and, if you are in a reading mood, Linux Kernel in a Nutshell. I'd also suggest to try "make nconfig" instead of "make menuconfig". It's almost the same but maybe you'll like the interface more (I do).
  4. I think I followed this guide when I made the switch: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Multilib_System_without_emul-linux_Packages Maybe there were also some threads in the Gentoo forums, I don't remember.
  5. Another difference: ~arch is considered the default, with some key packages held to a stable version.
  6. Yes, if I understand correctly the emul-linux-x86-* packages were just sets of precompiled x86 libraries. Now we are telling portage to compile the x86 version for those libraries with the abi_x86_32 USE flag. It's the same thing but done in a cleaner, more flexible, more consistent way. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, my knowledge here is flaky.
  7. emarsk


    @kea0463, you brilliantly failed to contribute back to the community. Someone may have the same problem, and your post could have been useful.
  8. I use rEFInd, but I never used boot-update or similar abstractions. I think that rEFInd will and should never be in portage, because by its nature it's something that you need to install manually: it goes on the ESP partition, not in the usual system partition(s) (/, /usr, ?), and it's independent from the installed OSes so why should Funtoo manage it? It could lead to problems more than solutions. @Chris, not everybody uses the same color theme here: your example is unreadable on my white background until I select it.
  9. Hi --->yoalli<---, I had the same problem, and I solved it remerging x11-libs/cairo with USE=xcb.
  10. When Agile is selected, the menu shows the tick on IP.Board instead. Also, I hate how the font sizes differ. Also, I'm not a fan of backgound images in general. Also, I'm complaining too much. Dashboard and Warrior are both fine for me, actually.
  11. Hi, when researching about SSD, I found this helpful link: http://blog.neutrino.es/2013/howto-properly-activate-trim-for-your-ssd-on-linux-fstrim-lvm-and-dmcrypt/ Also relevant: http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/SSD https://wiki.debian.org/SSDOptimization In the end, I have just "noatime" in the fstab and I do "fstrim -av" when I remember.
  12. Symlinks are my choice too. I have all the things I need to share on a data partition, and a script that creates the symlinks. The script is essentially a list of "if x is available, then create this link and backup the file if already there". It will also check for different software versions if needed (some time ago I had two different versions of tmux installed in Debian and Funtoo which needed slightly different configuration files). This way I also keep track of the stuff that I actually need to backup or share, as opposed of just sharing all the junk in /home.
  13. Wow, this could be the most surgical problem solving I've seen in a forum :) Great.
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