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Funtoo-Auth moving from "beta" to "production" soon...

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Hi All,

The funtoo-auth system is going to be moving from "beta" to "production" soon, at which point it (and other parts of Funtoo) will be deployed with SSL.
The following bugs have been fixed:
At least wiki (possibly other) logins were not working with usernames with underscores. This has been resolved by restricting the use of underscores so they are not allowed in new usernames (the wiki interprets underscore as a space... so it's not a good idea.)
Case-sensitivity - I believe I've fixed the last remaining bug related to case sensitivity. Logins should now be case-insensitive across bugs, forums and wiki. Let me know if that is not the case.

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Hi Daniel,


I just tried to login with the same credentials as I did with this forum. Since I have created my Forum-Account with the funtoo-auth system, JIRA should use the same, doesn't it? Well - this doesn't work and I couldn't figure out a working combination yet.

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yes, account supposed to be same for all infrastructure.

Hi Oleg,


thank you for confirming this info.

But it doesn't work for my Account (Judge). Could one of you please check for it or tell me what to do (creating new account manually, using the funtoo-auth once again, ...)?

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