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Pure UEFI + Luks + ZFS ?



hello first like to thank you for the forum to have the participation of the creator of the Best Linux distro created and an honor. 


good i use linux just over two years, but there a few months decides to abandon the simplest distros such as Ubuntu, Debian .... 


and decides to migrate pro Arch Linux, but found it very easy then went pro Gentoo and Funtoo Finally a few days, I plan on not leaving until he creates own. 



Finally, I would like to use PURE-UEFI + Luks + ZFS, and I wonder if this is possible or do I have to install Grub?

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No. If your hardware has efi you can do without grub. You do still need an initramfs if you put root on luks, and for zfs kernel modules if root is on zfs. ZoL is not recommended to be built in-kernel. That is a complicated setup, so I highly recommend you read the docs and get your questions answered before you start. (yes, this warning is probably too late)

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Old topic, still valid.  Now that the ZFS installation guide has been refreshed, and works, is it still too complicated to add a LUKS section in it? Would you encourage to do so? Or not?


More interesting:  is it possible and if yes, is there any reason not to:

  • backup an existing ZFS pool
  • wipe the target disk to erase traces of old data
  • create a LUKS encrypted container
  • map the LUKS container (and optionally, wipe it!)
  • setup ZFS and "restore" the pool from the backup



Note, it seems that native encryption for ZoL is a work in progress and should be soon available (?).

See also: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/gentoo-funtoo-zfs-luks-and-initramfs.2451033/.

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ive no experience with ZFS, however it should be as simple as adding the --zfs flag to genkernel.  consider this to be similar to how users EFI stub boot gentoo using LUKS and LVM. 


Hi nimbius.  Eh, I don't see the answer in my question. Installing Funtoo in a ZFS setup is ok -- following the installation guide. Please revisit my question if you care. Thanks.

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