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[Funtoo Stable x64] About "emerge PHP"



Hi; trying to emerge dev-lang/php I obtain errors

ci74771ht ~ # emerge -1 dev-lang/php
Calculating dependencies \
!!! Problem resolving dependencies for dev-lang/php
... done!
!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "dev-lang/php" has unmet requirements.
- dev-lang/php-5.5.21::gentoo USE="bcmath berkdb bzip2 calendar cdb cgi cli crypt ctype curl exif fileinfo filter flatfile ftp gd gdbm gmp hash iconv imap inifile intl iodbc ipv6 json ldap mhash nls odbc opcache pcntl phar posix readline recode session sharedmem simplexml snmp soap sockets spell ssl threads tokenizer truetype unicode vpx wddx xml xmlrpc xpm zip zlib -apache2 -cjk -debug -embed -enchant (-firebird) -fpm (-frontbase) -kerberos -ldap-sasl -libedit -libmysqlclient -mssql -mysql -mysqli -oci8-instant-client -pdo -postgres -qdbm (-selinux) -sqlite (-sybase-ct) -systemd -sysvipc -tidy -xmlreader -xmlwriter -xslt"
  The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:
    recode? ( !imap ) sharedmem? ( !threads )
  The above constraints are a subset of the following complete expression:
    truetype? ( gd ) vpx? ( gd ) cjk? ( gd ) exif? ( gd ) xpm? ( gd ) gd? ( zlib ) simplexml? ( xml ) soap? ( xml ) wddx? ( xml ) xmlrpc? ( any-of ( xml iconv ) ) xmlreader? ( xml ) xslt? ( xml ) ldap-sasl? ( ldap ) mhash? ( hash ) phar? ( hash ) libmysqlclient? ( any-of ( mysql mysqli pdo ) ) qdbm? ( !gdbm ) readline? ( !libedit ) recode? ( !imap !mysql !mysqli ) sharedmem? ( !threads ) !cli? ( !cgi? ( !fpm? ( !apache2? ( !embed? ( cli ) ) ) ) )
It seems a "sudoku" :D
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this is and old question, do you still need help here?

Please note that stable is no more. There is only current and current-hardened.

Basically the warning means:

  • if you select recode you cannot select imap
  • if you select sharedmem you cannot select threads

So you have to decide if you need recode and imap at the same tame and sharedmem and threads.


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