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One issue that I've run into while upgrading (several machines) from 1.3 to 1.4 is that during the world update, packages that depend on python-3.7 get pulled before the python upgrade itself, and fail repeatedly (e.g. libpsl-0.20.2). Perhaps the instructions should mention that python 3.7 should be installed separately before doing the world update, and the default python interpreter should be switched to 3.7 also before the world update.

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@stamasd Yes, we should do that as this issue has impacted lots of users. I will look at doing that now, can you review my changes after I make them? I also saw you on freenode (but missed you) regarding radeon support. For that, please if you can file a bug with details so I can see in more detail what's going on.

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I would ask whether it is possible for as to have a prebuilt stage 3 for xfce-4. At least for older processors,
where it takes a long time to compile whole system from the ground.
And the new xfce-4.15 looks very nice.
Thanks in any case.
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