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  1. Hi, I would ask whether it is possible for as to have a prebuilt stage 3 for xfce-4. At least for older processors, where it takes a long time to compile whole system from the ground. And the new xfce-4.15 looks very nice. Thanks in any case.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the answer, I'm still learning this networking stuff. I have wifi router and usb wifi card which doesn't have AP support, wifi card is connected to internet, and router is for local, as AP. Now I'm sending traffic from wlan0 interface to wifi router which is connected on eth0. I 'll try to create a bridge setup. Just in this case eth0 should be the slave or wlan0?
  3. Hello I managed to do this with NetworkManager, and it is quite simple, now I would like to do it manually on Funtoo, without NM, can someone point me to how to configure that? edit: I don't want to configure that at boot time, i would write some script to start that manually latter , just can't find which files to edit. And still not sure how.
  4. I used dracut to create initramfs, and now early microcode update works. But initramfs is pretty big and takes longer to boot then before.
  5. Hi, It is 'buldozer'. I tried to rebuild the kernel manually. And it builds modules, but no luck with initramfs, it is still mystery for me how to generate initramfs.
  6. Hi, My processor is AMD type. And it does need early microcode update driver at boot time. Currently it is not enabled in kernel-source configuration, I would like to rebuild kernel source, which is latest debian-sources-4.14.2 using ebuild for that, since it has many patches an other build options. So I guess i need to patch config file. I have none experiences in creating patches for ebuilds, so I would ask for help in creating that simple patch. It only need to add next lines in config file: Device Drivers ---> Generic Driver Options ---> (amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin amd-ucode/microcode_amd_fam15h.bin) External firmware blobs to build into the kernel binary Currently that line is empty. Thanks
  7. I got this error: ERROR: net-misc/dropbox-39.4.49::net-kit failed (prepare phase): * eapply_user (or default) must be called in src_prepare()! * * Call stack: * ebuild.sh, line 776: Called __ebuild_main 'prepare' * phase-functions.sh, line 1053: Called __dyn_prepare * phase-functions.sh, line 383: Called die * The specific snippet of code: * die "eapply_user (or default) must be called in src_prepare()!" It is xfce4 desktop.
  8. Thanks cardinal, and thanks Oleg for fix. Just to inform about ebuild for binutil-libs, seems that it needs to be upgraded, I found some missing files. regards
  9. I couldn't emerge xfce4, actually xfce4-meta package, there is some conflict, xfconfig is blocking xfce4-panel, and both are required, that never happened before. So I restored previous installation which works good. Maybe it was something in my configuration, I'll look more into it. regards
  10. Cardinal thanks. Works like a charm.
  11. Hi, After recent Firefox update, there is no sound on YT. I have sound on other players in Firefox, just not on YT. And there is notification that needs to be installed pulseaudio. Is it just me? I don't have pulseaudio installed. It is firefox-bin latest version 52.0. And adobe-flash plugin.
  12. Thanks for answering, I'll try to keep "PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_4" in make.conf. Commands you suggested didn't get anything to rebuild or reinstall, system is up-to date. So, I'll wait for further updates. Currently, xfce4-notifyd-0.3.0 fails to compile, that was part of recent regular updates, and in log file I found this: "No rule to make target 'themes/gtk-3.0/Default/gtk.css', needed by 'all-am'. Stop." But before that , for some time , "Python Single_target 3_4" option in make.conf was commented out, so almost whole system was built that way. If anything else, I'll reinstall system, :)
  13. Hi, One question about Python 3.4. Do we need to have this entry : "PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_4" in make.conf I remember that was recommended earlier, after some upgrades. Whit that in make.conf some packages , just a few, won't compile. But if compillig-person does comment out this, then everything compile nicely, but again, after few updates, a few packages appears which won't compile, if that is actually a reason, I'm not sure. So is that safely to remove "Python single target" entry from make.conf ? sorry for my english Thanks
  14. Thanks Cardinal , that worked like charm . Renaming those files has solved file-collisions problem. That should be somewhere in the wiki page. Whole package: # equery f eselect-python * Searching for eselect-python ... * Contents of app-eselect/eselect-python-20151117-r2: /etc /etc/env.d /etc/env.d/python /etc/env.d/python/.keep_app-eselect_eselect-python-0 /usr /usr/bin /usr/bin/2to3 -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/idle -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/pydoc -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/python-config -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/python2-config -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python3-config -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/bin/pyvenv -> ../lib/python-exec/python-exec2 /usr/share /usr/share/eselect /usr/share/eselect/modules /usr/share/eselect/modules/python.eselect thanks to all again
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