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exim MAIL FROM for external redirects

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Hi, all.

May be anybody know an answer and i can save some time :-). If i do an external redirect in exim, what MAIL FROM is used exim in smtp connection to an external server?

example /etc/aliases:

me: me@gmail.com

example email:

MAIL FROM <somebody@his.server>

RCPT TO <me@my.server>

my.server redirect it to gmail according to aliases:

MAIL FROM <?????>

RCPT TO <me@gmail.com>


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I'm not sure about exim, but it think it's common for <> to be used for forwarding.  Because of this, some servers will not accept forwarded mail because of the null sender address.  Is that what you are running into?  One should be able to check the logs to see what indeed is being used as the sender address on forwarded messages.

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