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Ego 1.3 core -> desktop fail


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So I got the 11-20 stage3 for Haswell, removed /lib43,/usr/lib32, and /usr/src/lib32, removed lib32 from env.d and generated a new ld.so.conf. I had to emerge sys-kernel/{debian-sources-lts, genkernel, linux-firmware}, sys-firmware/intel-micocode, sys-apps/iucode_tool, and grub.

This gave me a working Core, so (after a backup) I ran 'epro flavor desktop'. I was required to emerge dev-python/{pygments, pyyaml} [could this be included in desktop flavor?], and eselect fontconfig to add 60-liberation.conf (for some reason).

Now the 'genkernel all' is failing on gnupg. I tried emerging app-crypt/gnupg but it didn't fix the error. The final error is 'Failed to compile the "" target'.

The actual errors seem to revolve around statically linked apps requiring runtime libraries, which is why I went through the preamble above about having removed all the lib32s prior to first compile.

I don't know how to resolve library issues here. Please help.


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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

If you want to install 1.3, use a more recent stage3 -- like 2018-12-12 for Haswell has been available since about 12-12 (look in "1.3-release-std"). If your stage3 has 32-bit libs, it is too old. You should have done a full-stop at that point and grabbed a newer one.

Also follow instructions here: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions/1.3-release

Uh -- edit. If you are using a NEW 1.3 stage3 as I suggested, you shouldn't need any upgrade steps. Just follow our install docs! ?

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