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7 hours ago, sevilla.larry said:

I'm new to Funtoo.  Also beginner with Gentoo.

With "epro list", I noticed that there is "x86-64bit-papa".

What's the difference with "x86-64bit"?

Note, searching using Google with 'site:funtoo.org "x86-64bit-papa"' doesn't give any results with explanation.


"x86-64bit-papa" is the parent of x86-64bit* profile.


I wonder if was better change to pure64 as parent, I guess that will be better to understand.

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30 minutes ago, sevilla.larry said:


... pls ignore (but, any idea what's their differences?)

searching again gives me some idea.

Pure64, no 32bit programs...

x86-64bit has 32bit compatibility layer.



x86-64bit could be multi-lib, pure64 no

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