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Distcc makeopts



I recently noticed this post by Oleg

He mentions that setting makeopts is not really necessary.

Is that true even when using distcc?

I currently have this in my make.conf

MAKEOPTS="-j65 -l8"
FEATURES="distcc distcc-pump"

Is my makeopts line unnecessary?

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I want a 65 core cpu too!

I've been using distcc on Funtoo for years and yes, both of those lines are required for distcc.  Unless you want the jobs to default to the number of cores on the local cpu, and don't care about the load.  Finally distcc & pump mode are not default features.

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I started to think about another thing.

When using distcc under gentoo, one has to explicitly set CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS, and not use -march=native.

How is this handled on funtoo with subarch profiles? Should i set CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS in make.conf?

I guess I do not have to. Because distcc is working just fine.

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