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[Solved] VLC doesn't run very well



It's been a while since VLC does not work well: from time to time it "flashes" ... or there are "black" frames in an almost random way.
The compilation is successful, I also tried the different options related to video output. I'm using an nVidia 660 GTX; I think the output of the active and inactive USE can be useful:

	sandro@ci74771ht ~ $ emerge -pqv --nodeps vlc 
[ebuild   R   ] media-video/vlc-2.2.4-r1  USE="X a52 aalib alsa avcodec avformat bidi bl
uray cdda cddb dbus dc1394 dts dvb dvbpsi dvd encode faad ffmpeg flac fluidsynth fontcon
fig gcrypt gme gnutls gstreamer ieee1394 jack jpeg kate kde libass libnotify libsamplera
te libtiger lirc live lua matroska modplug mp3 mpeg mtp musepack ncurses ogg opengl opus
png postproc pulseaudio qt4 qt5 rtsp schroedinger sdl sid speex svg swscale taglib theo
ra truetype twolame udev v4l vdpau vnc vorbis vpx x264 x265 xcb xml xv (-altivec) -atmo 
(-audioqueue) -chromaprint -debug -directfb (-directx) (-dxva2) -fdk -gnome -growl -http
d (-libav) -libcaca -libtar -linsys (-macosx-dialog-provider) (-macosx-eyetv) (-macosx-q
tkit) (-macosx-quartztext) (-neon) -omxil -opencv -optimisememory -projectm (-rdp) -run-
as-root -samba -sdl-image -sftp -shout -skins {-test} -tremor -upnp -vaapi -vcdx -vlm -w
ma-fixed -zeroconf -zvbi" CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx sse" 

Personally I have no idea how to deal with the problem. (I also wonder if the same thing happens to others).
Thanks for any answers.
(with other movie players I have no problem (xine, kaffeine, smplayer, dragon etc)
Thanks for the attention :)

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@Sandro, I would like to redirect you here -

The topic title should be edited from "VLC doesn't run very well" to something more concrete like: Random flashes or black frames in VLC while playing movies in fullscreen

Try to add more information, that you think could be relevant to the problem. Like driver used, kernel version, is it only for certain videos or for all, fullscreen/windowed...

Also try to update to media-kit:1.1-prime by issuing these commands


ego config set kits media-kit 1.1-prime

ego sync

emerge -av vlc


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Ok .... your idea to upgrade to the top version of the kit "media-kit" was decisive ....
I did some tests and for now it seems to me that the behavior is correct !!!!
Thank you so much :)

Allow me to dedicate this piece to you: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iahhYHy7lDo"
I hope you like it :)

Thanks for everything :)

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