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CFLAGS -O3 and emerge -e world have broken my world



Hello! I tried to recompile all my world with a new CFLAGS: -O3 in /etc/portage/make.conf file (I had -O2 before).

I saw the errors while 3 days my laptop Lenovo compiled command `emerge -e world`.

F.e. one package (mutagen) was not compiled due to error 404 not found. I typed `emerge --resume` but I think it did not compile that package.

Another package compilation was failed due to Internet break. `emerge --resume` did not compiled that broken package.

Another emerge stop was with laptop turn off (do not know why). The forth was qt-webkit compilation that was not compiled because of memory limit (could not allocate memory).

Now my laptop boots in command line and shows:

ERROR: Your XDM value is invalid. 
No xdm executable could be found on your system. 
Please set your display manager variable in /etc/conf.d/xdm, 
or install x11-apps/xdm package .

I will do it. But I do no know what else I need to compile.

So please say me where can I look which packages need to compile with xdm, qt-webkt??? Where is error log from last emerge?

PS: sorry, my English is not enough.


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no, there is no need to recompile kernel. Kernel has it's own compilation flags and which are quite specific and not the ones set for sources compilation on your box. generally, it is not recommended to deviate from the default flags. It is good that -O3 mostly work for you. For the rest of ebuilds that do not compile: ideally, those need fixed in source code, however it might be not the task for upstream. You can set specific package environment to have that list compiled with -O2. Here is how:

mkdir -p /etc/portage/env

create file in that directory called o2.conf (name is example, so you know what's the file about) with following content:

CFLAGS="your flags -O2"


Then, have following file:


with contents:

app-foo/bar o2.conf

app-bar/baz o2.conf

app-blarg/baroni o2.conf

Use real category (app-foo) and package names (bar), those above are just dummy examples. Hope, this is clear.


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