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funtoo repo appears behind gento repo


I am wondering could cause this.   I want to install postgresql-9.6.6 via portage.  The highest ebuild version in my /usr/portage/dev-db/postgresql/9.6.3-r2, however when I look on the Gentoo packages page I see postgresql-9.6.6 is stable and available.  I have done emerge --sync bring my tree up to date.   I am wondering if I am pointing at the wrong repo's or something else is amiss with my portage configuration.

contents of my repos.conf/gentoo file:

main-repo = gentoo

location = /usr/portage
sync-type = git
sync-uri = git://github.com/funtoo/ports-2012.git
auto-sync = yes


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Follow directions here to install/use meta-repo.

Funtoo eliminated stable.

Funtoo users running stable have to upgrade to current.

I had one system running stable that I upgraded to current while still running ports-2012 before switching to meta-repo.

Funtoo in many cases upgrades package versions at a slower rate than gentoo.

On synced meta-repo dev-db/postgresql-10.0-r1

funtoo rj # emerge -av  postgresql

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild  N     ] app-eselect/eselect-postgresql-2.0-r1::core-kit  0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-db/postgresql-10.0-r1:10::dev-kit  USE="nls pam python readline server ssl xml zlib -doc -kerberos -ldap -libressl -perl (-selinux) -static-libs -systemd -tcl -threads -uuid" LINGUAS="en -af -cs -de -es -fa -fr -hr -hu -it -ko -nb -pl -pt_BR -ro -ru -sk -sl -sv -tr -zh_CN -zh_TW" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_4 -python2_7 -python3_5 -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_4 -python3_5 -python3_6" 19,179 KiB

Total: 2 packages (2 new), Size of downloads: 19,179 KiB

Would you like to merge these packages? [Yes/No] 


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Thanks,  just did that today and things are working much better!  One more question,  are the ebuilds/packages still kept in /usr/portage or did that move?  I like just doing an 'ls' in the portage tree to see what's out there, will that still work?

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