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One or more pkgs have been skipped


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My customer bought HP Blade isp-ass AS 32 GB RAMS


Now - he asked me to install Funtoo & configure it as WebServer

emerge -av apache php
WARNING: One or more updates/rebuilds have been skipped due to a dependency conflict:


  (www-servers/apache-2.4.27-r1:2/2::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) conflicts with
    >=www-servers/apache-2.4[apache2_modules_unixd,threads] required by (dev-lang/php-7.0.23:7.0/7.0::gentoo, installed)

Nothing to merge; quitting.

How can be Apache cause this on fresh, clean OS?


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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Yes, this is more an issue of a bad error message that is confusing rather than anything else. Adding "www-servers/apache threads" to /etc/portage/package.use or /etc/portage/package.use/apache should fix this as then all the deps should be happy.

@Oleg Vinichenko, I do think that this is probably not the greatest default -- it seems like we should enable 'threads' by default to prevent this from even bothering users. Do you see any potential downside for this?

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