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kit's master branches



hello again,

i've the following set into my ego.conf:

xorg-kit = 1.19-prime
media-kit = 1.1-prime
kde-kit = master

however on today sync i've got this message:

"Kit kde-kit branch master specified in ego.conf is not currently active; using default kit instead."

so why can i not choose kde-kit's master branch anymore in ego.conf?

i've forced the master branch checkout by adding:

@git -C /home/meta-repo/kits/kde-kit checkout origin/master || true

into eix-sync.conf, however i wonder why these kind of hacks are necessary...

thank you

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

The reason is because we stopped updating master for kde-kit, and ego knows that it's not going to get any updates. We may add it back in the future after a server upgrade, but I needed to cut back on the time required to generate all the kits for now.

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ok, i can live with it for some time, however why forcing everybody on 5.10-prime branch if they where on master if neither branch won't get updates anymore?

downgrading from master to 5.10-prime isn't something worth doing if you already are on plasma-5.11.1/apps-17.08.2/framework-5.39, imho...

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