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Old hand at Linux - New to Funtoo/Gentoo...


I'm a long time user of Debian/Ubuntu, but since I've retired, I'm learning other distros, and Funtoo seemed like a good choice to start with.. Following the excellent step-by-step instructions, I installed Funtoo into a Virtualbox VM on my Ubuntu system. Everything went perfectly up until I hit the epro profile configuration portion. Since I'm a KDE user, I wanted to install KDE on the Funtoo VM, and proceeded to add KDE as a mix-in. A "epro show" shows I have "workstation (from desktop flavor)" and the "Enabled Profiles" show KDE as a mix-in.. After doing this, I did an "emerge --sync" then an "emerge -auDN @world" and stupid me neglected to configure Virtualbox to use 2 of my 4 processors, and that emerge ran for quite a few hours.. I assumed that after it completed, I'd have KDE installed on the VM.. But I see nothing in any of the directories that various KDE support sites show as major directories for KDE 4. I notice there is a mix-in for "kde-plasma-5" but I don't care for it, so I went with the "kde" mix-in, which I assume is KDE4.. I must be missing something important, but your documentation I've read over and over doesn't clue me in on just what that might be...




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Thanks for the reply.. Guess I'll try XFCE or something else besides KDE.. I detest KDE5 and will not use it.. Wish there was *some* indication of this *somewhere* on the website..


  The "Kde4 to Plasma5 migration" news link is currently the second item on the right side of funtoo.orgpost-625-0-19225100-1489864578_thumb.jpg

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