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Hi, I tested the Metro days ago and is amazing, but I have alot of questions and I don't find a documentation, just a simple tutorial 


link : http://www.funtoo.org/Metro


I'm not an expert on Funtoo so I need a documentation to learn.


example of few questions: 


- how can I add a make.conf modificated to new stage

- change the python version

- change the gcc version and recompile the toolchain 


I really appreciate if someone create a article with more details about Meto. 



thank you.

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It's quite a complicated topic. If I were you I'd search for related topics like:

Build Linux from Scratch



The YOCTO project documentation

Building Gentoo from a stage1.


Read everything on the Funtoo wiki.


That's the best advice I can give you at the moment.
Most of the development time is spent fixing bugs, so if you can help with that

by creating patches and ebuilds to fix stuff you could relieve the strain on the

other developers who could then write the necessary documentation.

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I'm also looking for some more detailed Metro documentation. The problem with your theory that users should help out fixing bugs so that the main developers can free up time to write documentation is that only the main developers knows how to fix the bugs because there is no documentation... :)

This is a typical problem that happens on many projects. If you don't take care to make it easy for new users/developers from the start, by the time it gets popular you don't have time to write the needed documentation, and you're stuck in a bugfixing loop. The only way to break out of the loop is to let bugs be bugs for a while, so that you can make it easier for new users/developers to start helping out, and hope that your users will forgive you for not fixing their bugs right away. It usually hurts a little, especially in your pride, but it's better in the long term.

In particular, I'm wondering if it's possible to remove packages from a stage3 with Metro? Say I want to create a minimal edition with no "upgrade" option, could I as a final step remove gcc and all other "build essentials"? I'm tinkering with the idea of a minimal, "immutable" install, where you would just delete the instance and create a new one instead of upgrading the current one.

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One of the things I am looking at doing to help the team out is maybe to try donating some $$$$ so they can maybe expand their team (if that is something that a portion of the funds go to). I am also interested in the documentation surrounding Metro. It seems kinda nifty as a project and could have the potential in helping the project long term.

However, I am more interested in it for a building my own distro based off Funtoo where that is more the focus instead of compiling everything from scratch.

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The best and easiest way to donate to the project is getting a Funtoo Container.


In this way you get something back immediately. For metro docs please open a bug on bugs.funtoo.org. Funtoo development is doing weekly scrum sprints and I am sure that can be done to make the documentation of core techs better.

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