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  1. mdc123456

    Funtoo AMD Ryzen Help

    I figured out part of my problem. I am using an older kernel.
  2. mdc123456

    Funtoo AMD Ryzen Help

    So I can install Funtoo with UEFI just fine. Hardware is a Dell Inspiron 5000 with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500 processor. I cannot get XORG to start (no devices found error). The logs complained of a few use flags (like glamor) that I managed to get working. Any tips? I tried the radeon driver.
  3. mdc123456

    Funtoo AMD Ryzen Help

    I'll check it out!
  4. mdc123456

    Budgie Desktop?

    Ok. I know Budgie (and the Solus team) are moving towards using more of a QT environment. I am actually looking at a testbed to test it out on a Funtoo install.
  5. mdc123456

    Budgie Desktop?

    Any chance of getting the Budgie Desktop in the repos in the future? I really like it as a desktop (though I can live just fine with gnome-light).
  6. mdc123456

    Metro documentation

    One of the things I am looking at doing to help the team out is maybe to try donating some $$$$ so they can maybe expand their team (if that is something that a portion of the funds go to). I am also interested in the documentation surrounding Metro. It seems kinda nifty as a project and could have the potential in helping the project long term. However, I am more interested in it for a building my own distro based off Funtoo where that is more the focus instead of compiling everything from scratch.