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  1. I figured out part of my problem. I am using an older kernel.
  2. I'll check it out!
  3. So I can install Funtoo with UEFI just fine. Hardware is a Dell Inspiron 5000 with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500 processor. I cannot get XORG to start (no devices found error). The logs complained of a few use flags (like glamor) that I managed to get working. Any tips? I tried the radeon driver.
  4. Ok. I know Budgie (and the Solus team) are moving towards using more of a QT environment. I am actually looking at a testbed to test it out on a Funtoo install.
  5. One of the things I am looking at doing to help the team out is maybe to try donating some $$$$ so they can maybe expand their team (if that is something that a portion of the funds go to). I am also interested in the documentation surrounding Metro. It seems kinda nifty as a project and could have the potential in helping the project long term. However, I am more interested in it for a building my own distro based off Funtoo where that is more the focus instead of compiling everything from scratch.
  6. Any chance of getting the Budgie Desktop in the repos in the future? I really like it as a desktop (though I can live just fine with gnome-light).
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