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GNOME 3.12 coming...

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

We are getting ready to test GNOME 3.12 support in Funtoo Linux.


This is being done using Dantrell's patches to allow us to have a systemd-free GNOME. This is going to be tested in the experimental branch first. When it's working okay, the idea is:


  • We will maintain a more minimal GNOME overlay with just a few ebuilds tweaked to allow non-systemd GNOME.
  • Many packages will then be unforked.
  • Only the packages necessary to ensure systemd-less operation will be maintained as forks.
  • GNOME profile will be updated accordingly.
  • GNOME 3.6 support will be deprecated, and 3.12+ will be maintained.

This will help to reduce a lot of the divergence between Gentoo and Funtoo and then more resources can be focused on things besides ensuring that GNOME continues to work.



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Starting to sound like a drobbins cheerleader here but what the heck.  This is fantastic.   Exactly what the Linux world needs - choices, not forced homogenization through unnecessary dependencies.

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I'll miss my transparent gnome-terminal shell windows :(


Since  you mentioned this, I did some research and found that it would be trivial to reintegrate support for this (and luckily, much of the grunt work was already done). Your beloved background transparency in GNOME Terminal is here to stay. :)


You can track my progress on this issue through FL-1373.

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