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no skylake subarch. Recommended set up?

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Hello guys!


It's been a while.


I'm very interested in installing funtoo on my new desktop. I've got skylake goodness in there. I wanted to know, given that there wasn't any subarch for skylake, if I should just go generic, and then once the skylake subarch comes out, switch to whatever skylake will be, and do a:


emerge -DuNav world


Thanks for the feedback!

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Generic is the only choice with gcc-4.x.x , it has no knowledge of skylake.

Gcc-5 is skylake aware according to this:


New ISA extensions support AVX-512{BW,DQ,VL,IFMA,VBMI} of Intel's CPU code named Skylake Server was added to GCC.


Gcc-5 is not in funtoo portage.

funtoo rj # eix -e gcc
[I] sys-devel/gcc
     Available versions:  
     (4.6)  4.6.4-r2^s
     (4.7)  (~)4.7.4^s
     (4.8)  4.8.3^s **4.8.3-r1^s 4.8.4^s
     (4.9)  4.9.2^s 4.9.2-r1^s 4.9.2-r2^s 4.9.3^s
       {ada altivec cxx doc f77 f95 (+)fortran go graphite hardened libssp multilib multislot nls nptl objc objc++ openmp sanitize vanilla}
     Installed versions:  4.9.3(4.9)^s(11:28:07 PM 10/06/2015)(cxx fortran nls openmp -altivec -doc -go -graphite -hardened -libssp -multilib -multislot -objc -objc++ -sanitize -vanilla)
     Description:         The GNU Compiler Collection

Gcc-5.1.0 and 5.2.0 are  "masked by missing keyword" for all architectures in gentoo portage.

rj@gentoo ~ $ eix -e gcc
[I] sys-devel/gcc
     Available versions:  
     (2.95.3) ~*2.95.3-r10^s
     (3.3.6) ~3.3.6-r1^s
     (3.4.6) 3.4.6-r2^s
     (4.0.4) **4.0.4^s
     (4.1.2) 4.1.2^s
     (4.2.4) ~4.2.4-r1^s
     (4.3.6) 4.3.6-r1^s
     (4.4.7) 4.4.7^s
     (4.5.4) 4.5.4^s
     (4.6.4) 4.6.4^s
     (4.7)  4.7.4^s
     (4.8)  ~4.8.0^s ~4.8.1-r1^s ~4.8.2^s 4.8.3^s 4.8.4^s 4.8.5^s
     (4.9)  ~*4.9.0^s ~*4.9.1^s ~4.9.2^s 4.9.3^s
     (5)    **5.1.0^s **5.2.0^s
       {altivec awt boundschecking cilk +cxx d debug doc fixed-point +fortran gcj go graphite hardened libssp mudflap multilib multislot +nls nopie nossp +nptl objc objc++ objc-gc +openmp regression-test +sanitize vanilla}
     Installed versions:  4.8.5(4.8)^s(02:18:17 PM 08/31/2015)(cxx fortran multilib nls nptl openmp sanitize -altivec -awt -debug -doc -fixed-point -gcj -go -graphite -hardened -libssp -mudflap -multislot -nopie -nossp -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -regression-test -vanilla) 4.9.3(4.9)^s(12:54:38 AM 10/02/2015)(cxx fortran multilib nls nptl openmp sanitize -altivec -awt -cilk -debug -doc -fixed-point -gcj -go -graphite -hardened -libssp -multislot -nopie -nossp -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -regression-test -vanilla)
     Homepage:            https://gcc.gnu.org/
     Description:         The GNU Compiler Collection

I used same generic-64 stage3 to install funtoo on 2 computers with different cpu subarch type, then I used epro to set correct subarch for each computers CPU. No problems on either computer.


You shouldn't have a problem setting correct subarch after gcc is updated to 5.x.x unless there are bugs. 

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