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  1. Hello guys! It's been a while. I'm very interested in installing funtoo on my new desktop. I've got skylake goodness in there. I wanted to know, given that there wasn't any subarch for skylake, if I should just go generic, and then once the skylake subarch comes out, switch to whatever skylake will be, and do a: emerge -DuNav world Thanks for the feedback!
  2. For some reason it was giving me troubles with fglrx. I have been using radeon drivers for the past week. I am switching back to fglrx, just because I REALLY want some games to work correctly. :) If it fails, I think I'm going to do an "emerge -eav world". (Heading out to visit some friends anyway this weekend. so that should be done when I'm back.) If it doesn't work and am going to do just what you're recommending. Mask Gnome 3.14.
  3. I actually liked gnome 3. It was working fantastic on gnome 3.12 for myself. The latest upgrade to 14 made gnome-session not start up. http://forums.funtoo.org/index.php?/topic/267-gnome-314-doesnt-boot-i-suspect-cluttereglfglrx/&do=findComment&comment=1362 I am currently using mate, but I liked the window snapping, and was used to jumping from desktop to desktop from Gnome. Plus I also enjoyed the eyecandy. In the middle of writing this, I started to recompile gnome. Going to give it another stab. see what happens. :)
  4. Not sure if I should post this here or in the Funtoo bugs page, but, seems Dogecoin is at 1.6, and it should be at 1.8. http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/2egjqg/dogecoin_core_18_released_mandatory_upgrade/ I came across some Dogecoin recently, and wanted to place it in my wallet. I found the solution, and it was an upgrade. Let me know if I should post this in bugs. Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately getting the same error messages. :(
  6. *gbm sure thing. it currently is on there and I believe it was up when it was crashing, but not sure. I'll check if recompiling ati-drivers unchecks it, or if it still fails with the flag up.
  7. Cool! Thanks! Very much appreciated! :) On another note, I've really gotten the swing of Gnome 3, I thnk they've implemented some changes that make it slightly better to use, and I'm quite comfortable using it for my work and day to day purposes. Would suck to have to shop around for another D.E..
  8. No I didn't. There was a time, before funtoo got all the openrc stuff sorted, that I couldn't get into gnome, but that was a distrowide thing. I can't remember which version of gnome that was. I think there was also a moment last year, before the operc issue, where I was having driver issues as well. ATI drivers didn't play nice with gnome. I remember always getting black screen with gdm, or if I used slim to log into gnome, also getting a black screen. A couple of bugs were fixed, and the black screen stopped, but then there were issues with the windows. They wouldn't update, so it would
  9. I can confirm, this was definitely a fglrx/clutter issue. switching to radeon open source drivers fixed the solution. Although now 3d rendering sucks with my current card!
  10. I was thinking this was something I did wrong. But I think this is a greater issue. I did some searching and it seems it's a fglrx & clutter issue. Something to the effect that fglrx doesn't play nice with EGL. $ gnome-shell (gnome-shell:23142): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_strsplit: assertion 'string != NULL' failed (gnome-shell:23142): Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: The OpenGL version could not be determined (gnome-shell:23142): mutter-ERROR **: Unable to initialize Clutter. let me know if you'd like any other additional information. I'm going to switch to radeon and u
  11. Thanks Oleg! After resync this worked for me!
  12. I've tried to emerge -av ati-drivers but I'm having a problem when doing this. I downloaded the files it expects given at these locations, and plop them in /usr/portage/distfiles Unfortunately it doesn't take. I'd blacklist whatever CONFIG_DRM is, but I don't know what module it is on load, but for some reason, given that there is no checksum being seen, I don't think it's CONFIG_DRM being the issue. Edit: am using debian binary sources if this info is needed Calculating dependencies... done! [ebuild U ] x11-drivers/ati-drivers-14.9-r1:1 [14.4_p1:1] USE="modules (multili
  13. Wow! A bit off topic but... Athon XP.... that's round 2003-ish processor if my mind doesn't fail me? 13 hours!? My old computer recently died, was the one my mom was using. Can't remember which one it was it definitely was an Athlon. The model number does ring a bell.
  14. Thanks Overkill. I hadn't restarted my system in a couple of days, last night, I shut everything down. Once it restarted, regular behavior resumed. Weird though.
  15. Thanks for your help everyone. I ended up re-installing funtoo. I concluded that I must have done something else that first night I deleted portage in an attempt to fix it, and got lost in the depths of my mind when I went to sleep. I'm marking as solved because, as pointed out, had this only been a deleted /usr/portage/* , the following: #tar xpf portage.tbz2 -C / Should have fixed the problem, as it completely populated it again. In any case, thanks for the support!
  16. Hello all! I recently reinstalled funtoo. I am using Gnome, and currently an important short cut key, the "windows" key on a regular keyboard, has stopped functioning correctly. I don't know what happens but when I hit that key, it takes me to terminal mode (not sure if this is what it is called.). I used to only be able to come to this mode if I hit ctrl+alt+F3 , or F1, or F2.... also, now if I want to close a window in Gnome, I might hit F4 on full screen applications or games. It takes me to the same console mode, and I have to ctrl+alt+F7 back in. Anyone know how to undo th
  17. Thanks for the messages. I did what sputnik suggested. I also downloaded a stage3 tarball image and replaced /usr/lib/portage/{bin,pym} with what was in the tarball. I'm getting this error now. I think it's getting there. :) FuntooBox portage # emerge --sync Unavailable repository 'gentoo' referenced by masters entry in '/var/lib/layman/steam/metadata/layout.conf' Unavailable repository 'gentoo' referenced by masters entry in '/var/lib/layman/pro-audio/metadata/layout.conf' --- Invalid atom in /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask/00-gentoo: Slot deps are not allowed in EAPI 0: 'dev-jav
  18. I know... I know... :unsure: I was going for the last action of the day. typed in rm -rf /usr/portage/* instead of: rm -rf /usr/portage/distfiles/* I am currently getting the following output when I try to emerge --sync Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/emerge", line 37, in <module> from _emerge.main import emerge_main File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/_emerge/main.py", line 36, in <module> from _emerge.actions import action_config, action_sync, action_metadata, \ File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/_emerge/actions.py", line 39
  19. Video card is Radeon 5780. dbus loads on default on rc booting process. correct fglrx is eselected. With regards to dmesg/Xorg.logs, how exactly would I check my information? would dmesg be different from Xorg.logs? Where would these files be located? Thanks!
  20. Hello All. First off, kudos for finding a way around systemd and GNOME. What a pain in the ass that migration would be. second off, I'm having some behavioral issues with GNOME. I think it might be on the video front, but also might be on the power front (power up, power down, log out, restart, etc). I'm putting them in the same topic because I believe that they might be related on some way. But.... I really don't know how to diagnose this to be quite honest. Lets start with the video side. Everything works great, for a while. If I use a program such as VLC, or Totem, there
  21. what duncan.britton said, plus you should blacklist the following. /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf blacklist radeon If you don't do this before reboot, you might run into trouble. the radeon kernel module will load, and block fglrx from loading. This in turn can bring you massive headaches. Hope this helps!
  22. Hello benzolius! As j-g- mentioned, you don't have to boot into another system, unless that's the only way to download the driver because of your wireless connection. My question would be, what wireless card do you have. If the wireless card is so new that it's not in the kernel (as happened with my new laptop recently), you'll have to do some research to find and compile the module yourself. could you post the output of : sudo lspci
  23. I've been playing with some mild success with Funtoo on my new laptop. I sucessfully got Funtoo boot on UEFI by using the gentoo ebuild Grub2 work around stated in a previous post. I have not however been able to start X. long and the short of it is, my video wasn't being detected by X so it seems. i.e.: when I would run aticonfig --initial, I'd get something to the effect of "no adapters detected". simliar would happen with radeon. I believe it could be a kernel issue. I couldn't report or post anything for feedback because I have to travel this weekend, and need to have a workin
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