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Graphic drivers for an old videocard.



Hi To All :)

I-m compiling Funtoo on a PC of a my friend... based on an Athlon x64x2 5600+ with 2 GiB ram.

 sysresccd / # lspci|grep -i vga
00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a] (rev a2)

Which drivers are compatible? 96.X , 173.X, nouveau or also others?


Thanks for the answers :)


PS> excuse me .... but the USE "vdpau" function for nouveau or only for proprietary nvidia-drivers ?


Thanx to All :)

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Excuse me but I'm on text mode using links; for now I'm using "nouveau" drivers. But if if possible i'd like to use proprietary accelerated graphics drivers; beh however I can make various experiments. the trouble is that recompile a kernel with athlon 64x2 @2,8 GHz takes a very long time.

So if there is a conseil it will be truely appreciated.

Hi To All Dear Funtoo Users :)

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Sorry, but the nvidia-304 doesn't compile. May depend by the kernel version (I'm using 4.0.5; is too advanced ?)


This is the log


Thank You.




PS With vesa drivers the graphic works (with disabled "nouveau" in kernel and VIDEO_CARDS="vesa".


PS2: with system-rescue live cd, the nouveau runs. The version of kernel of the SRCD that i've used has the  3.14.48-std454 kernel.


Why experiment can i do ???


Thanks for any suggestion.

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Another experiment failed: gentoo-sources-3.14.48 with nouveau seems to work but after few time .... KO! ... system locked.

Now I'm trying to use this kernel with nvidia 340.X


Excuse me for multiple posts :(


PS now the 304.X has compiled with gentoo-3.14.48; contemporarely the system is compiling "mesa" and with an Athlon 64x2 there will be a lot of time.

I wish tomorrow to find the solution.  :rolleyes: .

Otherwise i'll search for an used supported nvidia card to make my friend able to use simply this PC with the magic Funtoo :P

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