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FOAMing at the mouth

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ok so im starting to get curious as to how far away funtoo is from systemd.  (from what im gathering miles compared to gentoo)


so i load up a lilo entry that inits systemd per wiki.gentoo.org lilo page.  that goes fine....


i get an error about it not liking my /dev/sdb1 /home partition.  fine ill disable its mounting for now.....

(exact error, "a start job is running for dev-sdb1.device")


disabled and try number 5ish....  defeat


booting in openrc its throwing some strange errors that do not affect any booting or performance.

line 11 invalid in /usr/lib64/tmpfiles.d/systemd.conf


line 18 invalid in (not sure yet it scrolls past quick....  xorg something or other)


(under systemd it said login system or something like that failed)


(im pretty sure this thread would resolve line 11 http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2011-May/002371.html)









i get to slim!


i tried to log in as root forgetting i have disabled root on this box in favor of sudo su from a false root user account.  (logging in as root as i have not mounted /home to disable the waiting for sdb1 device error as above)


again im just scratching the surface of systemd out of curiosity.  systemd is not impossible under funtoo, but it definitely will take quite a bit of time and resources to get it to working status.




further noting that i am not pro nor anti systemd, but i am a staunch user of openrc even on my gentoo box that systemd works perfectly for.  the systemd is just too damn awkward for me to get used to yet.  it runs like a turd on my gentoo box, it REALLY runs like a turd on my funtoo box.  im of the opinion that monit is a superior alternative, make essential boot things be handled by openrc and make monit start up other services a bit later on.  (as in load terminals and x immediately via openrc, and load web server ssh server ftp server other non essential server services after x is done loading.)


" <threesixes> yeah lol im not looking for support, or answers, or trolls...  just harmless exploring"



upstream says  # CONFIG_FHANDLE is not set should be m or y probably y




ok shotwell's being a turd compiling, turns out systemd default use flags to -gudev


rebuilding systemd i caught the messages......


* It's recommended to set an empty value to the following kernel config option:
 * CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug"
 * Checking for suitable kernel configuration options...
 *   CONFIG_FANOTIFY: is not set when it should be.
 * Please check to make sure these options are set correctly.
 * Failure to do so may cause unexpected problems.
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I've recently installed Funtoo on my laptop, and have a Gentoo desktop running systemd, I also managed to get it running on the laptop, and I'm satisfied with it, so far I haven't had troubles with systemd, and its nice having my laptop booting fast, among  other things. systemd definitely works very different from openrc, but it does claims to be a different thing, so that just means you have to learn it, and it provides good documentation, In my opinion is not about 'getting used' is about being willing to learn it, if you will test it on your machine and then judge it.

A few years ago, I got away from ArchLinux when it did the switch, because I had issues when I upgraded to systemd, and at the time was not skilled enough to know how to get around those issues, and was not willing to learn about systemd, but a few months a go I decided to give it a second try, but this time, I actually was willing to learn it, and so far I'm happy with it.


PD:I know systemd is not supported here, and I'm on my own with issues I get for using it :).

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