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emerging xen fails because /boot is on a vfat partition



I have an UEFI machine and have funtoo working OK with /boot on my EFI partition, hence on a vfat file.


But emerging xen fails because the build wants to create a number of symlinks under /boot (xen.gz, zen-4.5.gz), all pointing to xen-4.5.0.gz. But because /boot is on a vfat partition, symlinks are not possible and regular copies need to be made instead.


Error message:


--- /boot/
>>> /boot/xen-syms-4.5.0
>>> /boot/xen-4.5.0.gz
!!! failed to properly create symlink:
!!! /boot/xen-4.5.gz -> xen-4.5.0.gz
!!! [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/boot/xen-4.5.gz'
!!! Failed to move file.
!!! /boot/xen-4.5.gz -> xen-4.5.0.gz


As /boot/xen-4.5.0.gz is placed in /boot, I can make the copies myself but as the build fails, xen is not included in the world file and will not be updated when new versions become available.


I should raise a bug but I want first to check if my reasoning is correct.

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vfat can't do a symbolic link.


My UEFI setup is this ->

/boot is a regular ext{2,3,4} partition, I don't use a separate partition because I don't boot off it.

/boot/efi partition is vfat.


So when I do any thing with the kernel, everything goes into boot, then I just copy my kernels into the /boot/efi partition.


cp the xen kernel into /boot/efi.  Don't forget to copy the xen.cfg to /boot/efi also.


efibootmgr or UEFI only needs to be pointed to the xen.efi kernel in /boot/efi.

xen.efi will automatically look for the xen.cfg file on the efi partition.


Hope this helps.

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