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  1. I have made a fresh Funtoo install and now, I want to install kde-plasma. Following the guide https://www.funtoo.org/KDE_Plasma_5, I add the mix-in kde-plasma-5. Then, when running "emerge -auvDN --with-bdeps=y @world kde-plasma/plasma-meta", I get the following error: And when I try to emerge sddm alone, I see that x11-misc:sddm-0.19.0::desktop-kit will be emerge with the USE flags So, -elogind seems to be forced somewhere while elogind is set by the profile. Is there any way around this problem? I already tried to use the mix-in kde-plasma-5-new instead but I g
  2. I have created an bug report (https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2729). I think this is linked with Funtoo forking libinput (https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2662)
  3. When trying to emerge kde-plasma-live, I get the following message: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy ">=dev-libs/libinput-0.10". (dependency required by "kde-plasma/kwin-9999::kde" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "@kde-plasma-live" [argument]) Gentoo has libinput ebuild that fulfil this condition but Funtoo has not. Is there a reason for this? Many thanks in advance for helping
  4. I have an UEFI machine and have funtoo working OK with /boot on my EFI partition, hence on a vfat file. But emerging xen fails because the build wants to create a number of symlinks under /boot (xen.gz, zen-4.5.gz), all pointing to xen-4.5.0.gz. But because /boot is on a vfat partition, symlinks are not possible and regular copies need to be made instead. Error message: As /boot/xen-4.5.0.gz is placed in /boot, I can make the copies myself but as the build fails, xen is not included in the world file and will not be updated when new versions become available. I should raise a
  5. Problem solved with hardened-sources-4.0.3-r1 and the toolchain upgrade this WE.
  6. I have a system with root on an Luks/LVM partition. I therefore need an initramfs that I generate via genkernel ("genkernel --lvm --luks --install initramfs"). Everything worked fine with kernels up to hardened-sources-4.0.1. But with hardenend-sources-4.0.2-r1, when booting the machine, the machine hangs just before I am asked for the pass-phrase for my encrypted partition. I have rebuild all packages on my system, rebuild both the 4.0.1 and the 4.0.2-r1 kernel with exactly the same .config file, regenerated for both the initramfs. Machine comes up without problems with 4.0.1, hangs with
  7. [sOLVED] Thanks Chris DomU fstab was using dom0 names (/dev/xgdom/xnas-root) instead of domU names (/dev/xvda1)
  8. I do not succeed to get my first domU running. I have lvs containing the file systems for the domU xen ~ # lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert backup vg0 -wi-a----- 1.00t lvcopy vg0 -wi-a----- 1.00t xnas-portage xgdom -wi-ao---- 10.00g xnas-root xgdom -wi-ao---- 10.00g xnas-swap xgdom -wi-a
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