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Next release missing package



Two days ago I' ve installed the new release of Funtoo from scratch.

I use the sublime-text editor, and before it was showing up when I type $ emerge -s sublime.

However, now it doesn't show up:


$ emerge -s sublime
[ Results for search key : sublime ]

*  app-emacs/slime
      Latest version available: 2.21
      Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ]
      Size of files: 792 KiB
      Homepage:     http://common-lisp.net/project/slime/
      Description:   SLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode (Extended)
      License:       GPL-2 xref? ( xref.lisp )

[ Applications found : 1 ]



Do I need to update something new?

I have tried to search for in the documentation and forums, but it seems I'm the only one having this problem.


Thanks for the help!

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2 hours ago, dutch-master said:

Did you perform

ego -sync

(syntax may be off, I'm not on Next, not running Funtoo at all TBH. I'm currently on Devuan Stable)

Yes, I already did the $ ego sync

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